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a member of the Semitic speaking people of northern Ethiopia

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Registrar, Snp Section, Iit Patna, Amhara Road, Bihta, Patna, Bihar-801106
The Amhara region has been engulfed with widespread, violent anti-government protests for several months due to residents feeling excluded from political and economic power.
Besides the eleven killings, we have witnessed the destruction of properties and displacement of citizens," spokesman of for the Amhara region, Nigusu Tilahun said on Sunday.
Since 2015 the horn of Africa's nation had faced an unprecedented wave of protests in Oromia and Amhara regions demanding territory, political and economic rights.
The Oromo and Amhara communities are facing severe persecution by the Ethiopian government and believe that they are politically marginalised.
The Amhara demonstrators say that a district known as Wolqait, that once belonged to them, was illegally annexed by the Tigray after the Tigray ousted Ethiopia's communist government in 1991.
According to the government, seven protesters died in Bahir Dar, a city located in the Amhara region.
The delegation, in collaboration with the Carter Centre, visited the Amhara National Regional State to help some 18 million people living in poverty in 167 districts across the region.
The three-year programme is aimed to treat 18 million individuals living under poverty in 167 districts across Amhara region.
The TESFA programme (meaning 'hope' in Amharic) started in 2010 in Amhara region, where there is the greatest level of child marriage.
Ethiopia's state broadcaster Amhara TV recently deployed the country's first HD terrestrial TV station broadcasting to more than 50 million viewers.
The Lapidary Project, which started in 2008 in the Amhara region, is the first of its kind in Ethiopia.
In the Amhara region of Ethiopia, rates of child marriage are among the highest in the world.
Oromo, 40 percent; Amhara and Tigrean, 32 percent; Sidamo, 9 percent; Shankella, 6 percent; Afar, 4 percent; Gurage, 2 percent; others, 9 percent.
Karlsson, and Ethiopia's finance minister Sufian Ahmed have signed an agreement on bilateral cooperation and on Sweden's support for development initiatives in the Amhara region of northwestern Ethiopia.