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a member of the Semitic speaking people of northern Ethiopia

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In June, Ethiopia, which has been on a path of democratic re- form since prime minister Abiy Ahmed came to power last year, was rocked by two fatal attacks within a few hours, one in the Amhara regional capital of Bahir Dar and the other in the federal capital of Addis Ababa, in the most significant challenge to the country's new era yet.
Asaminew, an Amhara nationalist who recently returned to mainstream politics, was identified by the government as the mastermind behind the plot and was killed while fleeing the scene in Bahir Dar, according to the government.
At a 22 June meeting meant to have been top-secret, the most powerful men in Ethiopia's northern Amhara region discussed the removal of General Asamnew Tsige, the regional security chief whose outspoken stance on hard-line ethnic nationalism had become an increasing concern to the Ethiopian establishment.
In October, Abiy managed to contain a battalion of soldiers that marched to the PM's palace demanding a pay rise in a clearly anti-reform move.And on June 22, 2019, President of Amhara region, Ambachew Mekonnen, was assassinated in what unfolded as an abortive "Amhara Coup".
Last month, Ethiopia's military chief and two senior regional political figures, all of them ethnic Amharas, were assassinated by a squad allegedly led by an Amhara general who had been released from jail in Ahmed's reform sweep.
The dominant ones are: the Oromo, 34.4 per cent; Amhara, 27 per cent; Somali, 6.2 per cent; Tigrinya, 6.1 per cent; Sidama, 4.0 per cent; Gurage, 2.5 per cent and Welaita, 2.3 per cent.
The slain Gen Seare and Gen Gezai Abera hailed from the minority Tigray ethnic group, while Asaminew was part of the second largest ethnic Amhara group.
The violence, which the government says was part of a plot by a rogue general and his militia to take over Amhara, exposed how ethnic tensions are threatening the reform agenda of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
The militia attacked the police headquarters, ruling party headquarters and president's office — where they executed three top officials -- in Amhara's regional capital of Bahir Dar on Saturday, Asemahagh Aseres told Reuters on the sidelines of a state burial for the officials who were killed.
Amhara's security chief Asaminew Tsige burst into a meeting on Saturday afternoon killing regional president Ambachew Mekonnen and two other officials.
Brigadier General Asamnew Tsige was killed on the outskirts of Bahir Dar, the capital of the restive northern Amhara region, Nigussu Tilahun said.
Ethiopia's army chief was shot dead by his bodyguard just hours after an attempted coup in Amhara state left the regional president and another top adviser dead.
The failed coup in the Amhara region was led by a highranking military officer and others within the military on Saturday, said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who made an address on the state broadcaster yesterday.
ETHIOPIA's army chief of staff and the regional president of the northern state of Amhara were killed in two related attacks after a general tried to seize control of Amhara in an attempted coup, the Prime Minister's office said yesterday.
Ahmed The violent attack in Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara, was linked to the subsequent assassination of army chief General Seare Mekonnen, who was shot dead by a bodyguard at his residence in Addis Ababa.