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a member of a nomadic Berber people of the Sahara

the dialect of Berber spoken by the Tuareg

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A six-man group formed by Edris, European cross-country champion Ozbilen Kaan Kigen, European marathon record-holder Sondre Nordstad Moen, Moroccan runners Hicham Amghar and Soufiane Bouqantar and European under-23 5000m champion Yeman Crippa took the lead after the second lap of a course that runs through the picturesque historic centre of Bolzano.
28) Samir Amghar, "Le salafisme au Maghreb: une menace pour la securite ou un facteur de stabilite politique", La Revue Internationale et Strategique, num.
People who have studied, who are university graduates," Amghar said.
See Samir Amghar, "Le Salafisme en Europe," Politique Etrangere I (2006)
Amghar, Samir, Amel Boubekeur, and Michael Emerson.
Few men remain in town: Amghar (Abdellah Aourik) is the elderly village chief raging against the torpor that settled over his home, telling tall tales about the deceased fishermen to the handful of local children while hitting the bottle at night.
The Dutch Equal Treatment Commission found that the Regional Education Centre in the city of Utrecht illegally "discriminated, indirectly, on the basis of religion," when it rejected Fatima Amghar for its programme.
An insightful study by the scholar Samir Amghar points out that becoming a "born-again Muslim" offers a more positive and gratifying self-image to the young Arab than the other two possibilities available to him in French society: being stigmatized as a delinquent by the mainstream society and the media, or being branded a "traitor" for attempting to adapt to French norms.
Hamid Ahmidan, Rachid Aglif (El Conejo), Mohamed Bouharrat, Brahim Moussaten, Mohamed Moussaten, Saed el Harrak, Abdelilah El Fadoual El Akril y Fouad el Mourabit Amghar son, todos ellos, traficantes de drogas acusados de colaboracion.
Diploma of Higher Education: Linda Amghar, Sophie Andres, Adeline Belin, Caroline Buffler, Judith Chorda Ruiz, Francesca Maria Comaschi, Aurelie Dallas, AurAlie DuguA, Jasmine Enteghami, Silvia Furiosi, Iris Haidar Vela, Aurelie Jamin, Eric le Page, Lucie Mallet, Marie-Pierre Julie Moutrille, Anne Pardon, Julie Pillon, Covadonga San Miguel Llorente, Constanza Sanchez- Andrade Ucha, Veronica Sousa Suarez
What is surprising is that the information underpinning the Receiving Water Quality Model--provided by more than 20 research, government and industry groups--has been collated by just two modellers: Dr Simon Bell and Dr Mohand Amghar of the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.
His death was the result of his taking on the daughter of the local sheikh (or amghar as the local chief would have been called in Berber) as a client.
52-60; Samir Amghar, Amel Boubekeur, and Michael Emerson (eds.
Le spectacle [beaucoup moins que] Amghar dhe thamnoukaleth [beaucoup plus grand que] (Le vieux et la princesse), monte par le theatre regional de Batna d'apres une œuvre du Libyen Brahim El Kouni, [beaucoup moins que] atteste de l'ouverture du festival sur les differentes variantes de tamazight [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il estime, pronostiquant que la competition sera [beaucoup moins que] rude [beaucoup plus grand que] durant cette edition au regard de la haute facture des pieces concurrentes.
L e moussem Moulay Abdellah Amghar 2015 prend fin ce 14 aout 2015.