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a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes

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Form the mixture into small balls, about 2cm in d ameter.
In the book, Sir Cumference, a knight in King Arthur's court; his wife, Lady Di of Ameter; and their son, Radius, are involved in the search for the perfect table to use when King Arthur meets with all the knights to discuss a possible invasion from a neighboring kingdom.
Born from P Gold Tip's popular Kinetic line, the smaller dif' ameter of the Kaos results in reduced wind drift and increased penetration versus wider shafts of the same length and weight.
AMETER OF URGENCY: Customers face price rises of up to 17 per cent' pounds 1023 JULY 2006' pounds 892 MARCH 2006' pounds 796 OCTOBER 2005' pounds 714 *MARCH 2004