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Black Hawk War: from where the sun stands, I will fight no more forever--Chief Joseph, Surrender Speech in the Bear Paw Mountains, October 5th, 1877 Indians later disambiguated as Red Indians, American Indians, Amerindians, or Amerinds .
1929 "The Influx of Mexican Amerinds." Eugenics: A Journal of Race Betterment 2, 1: 6-9.
"Late Quaternary Palcogeographic Change in the Coastal Environments of Delaware, Mid-Atlantic Bight, Related to Archaeological Settings," in Amerinds and Their Paleoenvironments in Northeastern North America, ed.
For some of the Amerinds of the Amazon-Orinoco forests, for example, the contenders are two brothers representing the sun and the moon, one a benevolent creator, the other a trickster.
Mesa N, Mondragon MC, Soto ID, Parra MV, Duque C, Ortiz-Barrientos D, Garcia LF, Velez ID, Bravo ML, Munera JG, Bedoya G, Bortolini MC, Ruiz-Linares A (2000) Autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-chromosome diversity in Amerinds: pre- and post-Columbian patterns of gene flow in South America.
In NA, this lineage was largely rest ricted to northern Amerinds and, unlike haplogroups A - D, was not found in several northeast Asian/Siberian populations, raising controversy over the origins of NA haplogroup X.
From there he goes on to debunk what he views as uninformed, incorrect, and dishonest thinking on diverse but related topics such as the origins of Western supremacy, frontier life in America, and white settlers' relationships with what he calls "Amerinds."
Greenberg, et al, have arrogantly named most of us "Amerinds" without, however, giving us the land of "Amerindia" (as noted).
1 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, classify these and other tribes as "Amerinds," descendants of the New World's initial occupants (SN: 6/9/90, p.360).
Mesa et al., "Autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-Chromosome Diversity in Amerinds: Pre- and Post-Columbian Patterns of Gene Flow in South America" American Journal of Human Genetics 67 (2000): 1277-1286.; and L.
They were Amerinds who called themselves Mexica and who are better known as Aztecs.