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The post Plant of the week: Poisonous plant used by Amerindians to catch mussels appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
While stratigraphic uncertainty at Ile aux Basques prevented archaeologists from suggesting direct contact between Basques and Amerindians, broader archaeological research in the St.
It's been no different in Guyana, where Indigenous Amerindians make up 9 percent of the country's ethnic mix.
Another practice established previous to the 1550 debates was the reading of the requerimiento, a document that informed the Amerindians of their new sovereign and their need to convert to the Christian faith.
Some of the claims to their territories which were asserted by Indigenous Peoples survive in the historical record; these claims were abstracted in a seminal article titled 'The Amerindians of Guyana: original lords of the soil' by the historian Mary Noel Menezes (1988).
One of the strongest impressions I take away from the book has to be the extremely powerful value and status attributed to literacy and numeracy, not only as markers of difference between Amerindian and European, but also as deliberative techniques for determining and maintaining the modernist supremacy of our planet.
My journey was beyond the lodge, beyond the Rewa Amerindian village, where permits to fish the area are issued and up to and beyond Corona falls.
Though there were hundreds of Amerindian, African, and African-American missionaries operating throughout the early modern British colonial world, we know very little about them until now.
First colonization try at Maranhao 1553 French invade Sao Luiz island, they contact 1612 "Pinariens" (Maranhao) Portuguese expel the French 1613 Portuguese refer the Guajajara Amerindians (Maranhao) 1615 Jesuits fund the first cathechist missions (Maranhao) 1653 Ships bringing the first Africans slaves, century VII Sao Marcos bay (Maranhao) Foundation Mission Carara (Maranhao) century XVIII.
In effect, Amerindians had no legal ownership to the land but could treat with the Crown for the extinction of their right of occupancy.
GEORGETOWN, Jumada I, 11, 1434, Mar 23, 2013, SPA -- A United Nations agency is urging Guyana to review the practice of granting mining permits and concessions in indigenous communities before obtaining consent from Amerindians who live there, AP reported.
Other projects funded by the government through the GRIF include the Amerindian Land Titling Project, which will allow Amerindians to further secure their lands and natural resources, enabling long-term social and economic sustainable development.
After two centuries of interaction, Amerindians and Europeans put the knowledge gained about each others' customs about and around death to fight each other but also to build strategic alliances.