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Second, the group of Northern Amerindian language families shows the largest numbers of cases of MOD supporting the hypothesis, but it also shows the largest numbers of cases of mild and serious counterexamples.
They remain the three largest Amerindian language groups.
In the Spanish viceroyalty of Peru, however, they were forced to do parish work (doctrina) and missionary outreach, which required the study of Amerindian languages and ways of life.
Amerindian languages, on the other hand, are generally verb-oriented, stressing process, actions and constant flux.
In Guatemala, there are 23 recognized Amerindian languages spoken by 40 percent of the population.
The impact on Sapir and Bloomfield, who applied the techniques to Amerindian languages, came to be very influential for the ethnographic American tradition (Hewson, pp.
Two of the earlier stories, "The Cannon of Punta Grande" by Nestor Taboada Teran and "The Indian Paulino" by Ricardo Ocampo, may disturb current-day readers with their negative characterization of cholos, whose mixed cultural background and mastery of both Spanish and Amerindian languages allow them to function as middlemen.