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The broker, according to the press release issued by Amerind, claims the deal was orchestrated by its brokerage subsidiaries in Washington state and New Mexico.
Our sovereignty status enabled Amerind to adopt operating regulations and this led to the creation of the cell regulation, which separates the assets and liabilities of each risk-sharing plan we operate.
The Amerind personal pronouns, Language 72: 336-71.
Though Tsimshian are linguistically considered an isolate, they have been most associated with a Penutian grouping or phylum (Thompson & Kinkade 1990) which would classify into the suggested Amerind language group proposed by Greenberg (1987).
FCBS will provide a platform for the continued high quality customer support that is AmerInd's heritage and will offer our employees the opportunity to further their career goals with greater opportunities in a larger combined organization," said AmerInd President, Patricia Parson.
The two men were stalwart and proud as the Amerind chiefs Metacomet and Sitting Bull in the latter, and Mischler was a predatory and piquant sphinx in that section of The Winged.
What Hamilton brings to the Amerind character then is "sensitivity" and cultural memories (her mother often talked about her Amerind ancestry), she notes, rather than a "cultural imperative" (qtd.
ATLANTA -- Ravello Solutions, a premier Policy Administration, Billing and Claims Management software solution provider, and AMERIND, a federally chartered corporation and federally approved nationwide tribal risk sharing entity, announced today the expansion of their partnership into the Workers Compensation market.
Based on a symposium held in 2007 at the Amerind Foundation, this volume treats the first-millennium roots of second-millennium Native American communities such as Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.
Amerind Risk Management is a multitribal, multijurisdictional IRS, Section 17 federal corporation, owned by a vast majority of federally recognized tribes and based a few miles north of Albuquerque.
It is also an umbrella for all the languages that do not constitute independent academic disciplines, like Amerind, Austronesian, Caucasian languages, etc.
Native American mitochondrial DNA analysis indicates that the Amerind and the Nadene populations were founded by two independent migrations.
The Amerind group includes most of our nations from Canada through southernmost South America.
Don't miss the Amerind Foundation, next to the Triangle T.
AMERIND announced today the selection of Ravello Solutions to develop and enhance their "world class" service to Indian Country.