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Kolman CJ, Bermingham E (1997) Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA diversity in the Choco and Chibcha Amerinds of Panama.
From this derives the Sino-Caucasian root *=VxqV and the Amerind root *ko?
Amerind also operates a program that covers renters, or homeowners where no federal funding is involved.
AMERIND, HISPANIC population in each Population Division, Annual group to total Time Series of County population.
The arrival of immigrants led to the establishment of a rapidly growing admixed population and a concomitant decline in the Amerind groups (Salzano and Bortolini, 2002).
Virology and genetic studies relate Amerind origins to the indigenous people of the Mongolia/Manchuria/ Southeastern Siberia region.
An Enquiry into Portuguese Decline in Asia, 1580-1645' (Proefschrift, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden: School of Asian, African and Amerind ian Studies, 2000), pp.
Our opinion is that for Amerind we are dealing with a time period probably greater than 11.
Belyaev, Ruby and Sapphire, Nauka Publishers, Moscow (1974), translated from Russian, National Bureau of Standards, national Science Foundation, and Amerind Publishing Co.
The ignoble savage: Amerind images in the mainstream mind.
As Native Cinema goes through growing pains, Sonny Skyhawk, a producer and the CEO of Amerind Entertainment Group (a Native film production company in Los Angeles) points out that Native filmmakers are having to play catch-up at an accelerated pace.
Amerind and Na Dene) for Northwest Coast peoples is implied by this reconstruction, with Paleoarctic settlement coming from the north along the coast and Old Cordilleran from the interior as suggested by Kroeber.
The two men were stalwart and proud as the Amerind chiefs Metacomet and Sitting Bull in the latter, and Mischler was a predatory and piquant sphinx in that section of The Winged.