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Related are Eurasiatic * hVwV (?), Afroasiatic *hay-, Sino-Caucasian *=i[??]wV, Amerind *yau[??] for 'mouth' and 'to say' and *ya for 'name'.
Kent Paul, CEO of Amerind, said in a statement that the broker's actions had "jeopardized" the TEIP program.
Kent Paul, Amerind's chief executive, said the nonprofit formed in 1986 as an alternative risk financing mechanism and used a pooling concept.
So he helped to create Amerind, their own self-funded risk pool.
The following example from Hidatsa (Amerind) contains such a quantifying element (glossed as ITERative MOOD in the grammar): Hidatsa (53) Wi i hirawe ksa C woman she sleep INGR ITER.MOOD 'The woman kept falling asleep' (Matthews 1965: 158)
Amerind populations showing very high Hp1 allele frequencies amazingly proved their ability to cross the ocean on simple rafts without any advanced shipbuilding knowledge or technology (8).
For example, the linguistic tradition of the Amerind languages speaks about the fourth person in the case of a less important referent, using the term obviative (Siewerska 2004 : 7).
He kept detailed notes on each item and created his own private museum, "The Museum of Amerind Arts."
Serene DV lensing is impressive, as is the hypnotic Amerind score.
Hayes' Plains Crazy (15-90581326, $24.95) presents the mysterious murder of a reality TV crew member--by Cheyenne arrow--and the suspect is the sheriff's half brother whose Amerind heritage made him a born-again Cheyenne with a bad temper.
AMERIND, HISPANIC population in each Population Division, Annual group to total Time Series of County population.
The arrival of immigrants led to the establishment of a rapidly growing admixed population and a concomitant decline in the Amerind groups (Salzano and Bortolini, 2002).
The money came primarily from the Indian-owned Amerind Risk Management Corp., along with The Enterprise Foundation and The National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC).