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Florentine navigator who explored the coast of South America

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The contract has as its object the substitute canteen service through electronic vouchers to be given to the companies Toscana Airports for employees of the production site Airport of Florence Amerigo Vespucci.
Amerigo Labs is poised to follow this business model by partnering with product owners who choose to be on the cutting edge of introducing this convenient and interactive packaging alternative to their customers.
Dave Firmager's Fabulous March threw Swindon Produce winner Romeo Metro, Olympic finalist Romeo Amerigo and open-race winner Fabulous Lopez in an April 2009 litter by Wheres Pedro in addition to Manchester Puppy Cup finalist Romeo Recruit, plus minor winners Romeos Biscuit, Impact, Liberty and Fabulous Effort in other litters.
Container vessel San Amerigo sailed out to sea on Thursday (today) morning, while three more ships C.
THE ITALIAN navy's tall ship, Amerigo Vespucci, yesterday docked at Limassol port as part of its annual training cruises.
Beginning with Thomas More, she argues that the ethnographic writing of Amerigo Vespucci on the cultures of the natives of the New World influenced More's imaginary society.
The three-mast school ship was named after the famous explorer, Amerigo Vespucci.
Hartlepool mum, Iris Scott, whose nine-year-old son Leon Amerigo contracted the highly infectious disease during the Easter holidays, said: "I had doubts when his MMR was due and didn't get him vaccinated but I heard of the outbreak and went to my GP practice to get Leon immunised but he went down with the disease the day after.
Amerigo has to overcome at least two major obstacles when he bids to justify ante-post support in the totesport.
JOHNNY MURTAGH has landed the plum ride on ante-post favourite Amerigo in the totesport.
MICHAEL JARVIS would be the last person to wish bad luck on a fellow trainer - but he must be delighted that AMERIGO failed to make the grade as a hurdler in his short spell with Jonjo O'Neill.
We're delighted with the results of this major renovation," said Amerigo Perasso, Silversea's president and CEO.
Amerigo is not exactly bred to excel over marathon trips but he shone over a mile and six furlongs last time and should be able to handle the extra distance in the two-mile Queen's Vase.
We wanted to invest more," said Amerigo Perasso, president and CEO of Silversea.
In 1507 a German cartographer working in Saint Die crated a world map for included the newly-discovered Western Hemisphere land masses for the first time, calling them "America' to honor one Amerigo Vespucci, who had been credited with setting foot on South American soil before Columbus.