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Florentine navigator who explored the coast of South America

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Gracias a que llevaba cuarenta anos en contacto mas o menos directo con el dolor, pues era propietario de una funeraria, el rostro de Amerigo Bonasera no dejo traslucir en absoluto la decepcion y el inmenso odio que le embargaban.
11) In fact, as Major and following him, Kelly, rightly said, they are two separate inscriptions, the one, hec [haec]pars ore [orae] nondum cognita, meaning, "This part of the coast is not yet known", being placed over the notional, undiscovered part of the southern continent, and the other, is nobis detecta existit, meaning "this discovered [part] is evident to us", being placed over that part considered to have been discovered by Ferdinand Magellan and by Amerigo Vespucci, Pedro Cabral and Francisco de Hoces.
Prosecutor Chris Baker told Teesside Crown Court that Amerigo punched her in the face, causing blood to pour from her nose, and when she fell to the floor he rained kicks on her head, body and abdomen.
Charlotte Stant and Prince Amerigo represent groups unsettled by the globalizing economy as a dislocated, middleclass American woman and deposed Italian aristocrat.
Amerigo Labs, Lenexa, KS, in coordination with Salinas, CA-based Next Pharmaceuticals, has developed the Amazing 1-Shot with Relora.
The company has been acquired from Amerigo, a GAS Unlimited, Inc.
10 September 2014 - Spain-incorporated engineering company Vepica Grupo Internacional said it had acquired a stake in US engineering services firm Edoxx Technical Services LLC from Amerigo, a sister company of US oil and gas staffing firm GAS Unlimited Inc.
The report further claims that the globe, which is decorated with monsters, intertwining waves and even a shipwrecked sailor, is engraved with then-new and vague details about the Americas garnered from European explorers like Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci.
Hotels POSH Hospes Amerigo, Rafael Altamira 7 Good five-star hotel located in the historical heart of Alicante, with views of the cathedral and the Santa Barbara Castle.
Amongst the stolen items are an 18 inch black equipe dressage saddle with amerigo stirrup leathers and stirrups, which has only been used a handful of times.
AYE AYE SAY Keith joins crew of Rona II CRUISE CONTROL One of the 45 vessels taking part in the festival CUT TO THE CHASE Keith Duffy with Dublin Mayor Naoise O'Muiri, Cmdr Aedh McGinn and Tall Ships director Mary Weir DECKED OUT Keith with Peta Koczy & Hannah McAllister BIG DRAW Amerigo Vespucci is the largest in the fleet LIFT OFF East Link Bridge is raised to let ships dock RIG AND SMALL Crew are dwarfed by the masts SAIL AWAY Tall Ships arrive in Dublin yesterday
The tracks include a melodic overture imagining the voyage of Amerigo Vespucci to the New World in 1497 (Amerigo), a rock song for the people of Japan in the wake of last years earthquake (Fuji-san), a classic ballad in memory of Amy Winehouse (This Is The Girl), and a birthday song written for her friend Johnny Depp.
As part of an aristocratic family, Amerigo Vespucci was born and raised in Florence in the 15th century and later became an Italian explorer, financier and cartographer who worked with Christopher Columbus to navigate the "New World" and the West Indies.
Dave Firmager's Fabulous March threw Swindon Produce winner Romeo Metro, Olympic finalist Romeo Amerigo and open-race winner Fabulous Lopez in an April 2009 litter by Wheres Pedro in addition to Manchester Puppy Cup finalist Romeo Recruit, plus minor winners Romeos Biscuit, Impact, Liberty and Fabulous Effort in other litters.
Container vessel San Amerigo sailed out to sea on Thursday (today) morning, while three more ships C.