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Not all Americans of European descent are "Anglos" (English), and as an Irish (Celtic) Catholic I find the term applied to me offensive.
However, because he equates Anglo-American with white and ignores its structural similarity to Anglicanism, he fails to acknowledge the connotation of the term for Americans of European descent who are neither Protestant nor Anglo-Saxon, but, instead, are members of oppressed groups.
Anticipating wider interest in the new Europe, especially among Americans of European descent, the Center for Transatlantic Relations in Washington, D.
Similarly, Mexican-Americans metabolize drugs regulated by the so-called CYP2D6 gene faster than Americans of European descent, impacting 30% of therapeutically important medications--including many cardiovascular drugs.
Following on the heels of the first Earth Day in 1970, he notes, this picture became an icon of the environmental movement, one that helped cement in the popular imagination the idea that there were "fundamental differences between the way Americans of European descent and Indians think about and relate to land and resources.
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