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assimilation into American culture

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This book integrates US history and communication studies to examine methods used to promote assimilation and Americanization on the eve of WWI, focusing on the use of visual media, aesthetic methods, and performative rituals such as parades to instruct immigrant students on becoming an American.
Upon her return to working with immigrants, Kellor created her most widely known Americanization effort: Americanization Day, an early public advocacy of multiculturalism.
Elizabeth Lunbeck's The Americanization of Narcissism is an intellectual history of a psychological concept.
While the aforementioned structural and quantitative studies of Americanization have nuanced our understanding of American influence on Scandinavian journalism, they are, as Hallin and Mancini remind us, only "useful to a point.
A central theme in Puerto Rican historiography, Americanization has been variously interpreted.
He brings a biographical approach to the subject, examining key figures that illustrate the turn of soldiers from sober military values to seeking American-style materialism, the development of French rock and roll, and the contemporary "full anchoring" of Americanization in France.
In his autobiography Garner asserts that The Americanization of Emily was not really an antiwar film, but rather a warning not to "make war seem so wonderful that kids want to make the 'ultimate sacrifice' when they grow up.
Historians have also tended to view Americanization in the context of wartime super patriotism and the political and social reaction of the postwar Red Scare.
The iconic picture is that of the melting pot, literally interpreted, as in the ceremony that capped Americanization education in the Ford Motor Company in the 1920s: immigrants, dressed in traditional costume, lined up to walk into a stage-set melting pot, to emerge on the other side identically dressed.
Firstly, we argue that the Japanese version of globalization is associated with Westernization, especially Americanization economically and philosophically.
Americanization and Anti-Americanism: The German Encounter with American Culture after 1945.
society through Americanization citizenship programs.
The belief that Mexicans were racially, culturally, and linguistically inferior perpetuated itself in the classrooms of Southwest public schools, resulting in the proliferation of a structure of Americanization programs, low expectations, bureaucracy, testing, tracking, vocational education, and mentally retarded classes for U.
Marling is a professor of English and world literature: in his deconstruction of the myth of global Americanization he argues that in actuality the reaching effects of the U.
The author examines her thesis of the "irresistible Americanization of Europe" with reference to a number of innovations including the introduction of supermarkets and chain stores, the popularity of Hollywood films and celebrities among European audiences, the spread of service associations such as Rotary, the adoption of big brand marketing and the general inculcation of consumerism among the mass of the population.