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assimilation into American culture

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As we now witness the Latin Americanization of Eastern Europe and the relatively unencumbered expansion of markets, not so much Lukacs' answers as his question comes back in a powerful way: the violent impact of commodification on body, spirit, and soul.
During this time he wrote several reviews for The New Republic and the New York Review of Books and completed a draft of his book, "The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin.
Yet, we increasingly hear pleas that immigrants should preserve and even promote their ethnic and linguistic heritage and resist the cultural hegemony of Americanization.
The responses to Americanization changed over time but, Poiger argues, they were always intertwined with the project of re-defining Germanness in both the Federal Republic (FRG) and Democratic Republic (GDR).
His most recent publications (with Lewis Gann) include The Rebirth of the West: the Americanization of the Democratic World, Contemporary Europe and the Atlantic Alliance, and The Spanish-Speakers in the United States: A History.
Starr discusses the architecture and culture of the area and people relating to the Americanization of New Orleans, patrons, antebellum style, specific architects and builders, slaves and servants, the area's "culture of comfort," the Civil War, and after the war.
Unlike reformers, who viewed day nurseries as agents of Americanization, immigrant mothers took pride in their own identities.
TCM is actually commemorating the occasion on that date by airing six classic Garner movies spanning 1959 to 1982 - ``Up Periscope,'' ``The Americanization of Emily,'' ``36 Hours,'' ``Hour of the Gun'' and ``Victor/Victoria.
The Americanization process in the second generation; the German Lutheran Matthias Loy (1828-1915) caught between adaptation and repristinization.
The check crashed,'' says the man who's served as president of the Academy Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and has brought us such classics as ``The Americanization of Emily,'' ``The Out of Towners'' and ``Love Story'' - the latter earning him an Oscar nomination.
Duignan has authored, edited or co-authored more than 40 books, including The Debate in the United States over Immigration (Hoover Press, 1998) and The Rebirth of the West: The Americanization of the Democratic World (Lanham, M.
Nationalist histories and mythologies have often portrayed the success of Protestantism among sectors of Puerto Rico's campesinos only as an instance of deculturating Americanization.
James Garner and Julie Andrews, who wowed moviegoers when they teamed on the big screen in ``The Americanization of Emily'' and ``Victor/Victoria,'' reunite before the cameras right after New Year's - to begin production of a romantic drama called ``The Winter Visitor.
The potential Americanization of Canadian agribusiness creates a sense of urgency for Saskatchewan Wheat Pool to more aggressively advance our growth strategy.
The Americanization of Hideki Irabu started in the spring with a crash course in economics and continued this week with a vocabulary review.