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Words related to Americanism

loyalty to the United States and its institutions

an expression that is characteristic of English as spoken by Americans

a custom that is peculiar to the United States or its citizens

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Other examples of Americanisms NMG journalists should avoid are spoiled (for spoilt), stabilize (for stabilise), somber (for sombre), skepticism (for skepticism), pyjamas (for pajamas) and so on.They should also avoid Americanisms such as drunk driving (for drink-driving), drugstore (for a chemist), garbage can (for dustbin), candy (for sweets), period (for full stop) and so on.
However, telling every customer to "have a nice day" is not being kind or friendly - it is doing what that checkout operator is trained to do - trotting out a false Americanism! If I ring a supplier to ask a question about something, I don't expect to be asked "How are you today?" When responding to "Who is speaking?" with "Mrs Delgado" I resent the next question being "What is your first name"?
The relationship between O'Connell and Slattery illuminates the relationship between Americanism, with which O'Connell is closely identified, and Modernism.
When I recently attended the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant put on by the Mormons in Palmyra, New York, I noted how cleverly they used Americanism to make their bizarre religious ideas more palatable to non-Mormons.
From Douglass to Duvalier: US African Americans, Haiti, and Pan Americanism, 1870-1964.
WHAT one generation of British English speakers objects to as an ugly Americanism often becomes so accepted here that later generations will use it without a second thought - even while objecting to Americanisms.
He was a top-priced 5-1 shot in the Pricewise table and he got the rain that suits, but still touched 15 on the machine Punting low I'd forgotten the drawn-out agony of a bad-travelling jumps bet Favourite Americanism "Loop and swoop" - description of Zenyatta's trademark hold-up round-the-field ride Favourite Francomeism A bad-jumping Bakbenscher was described as a "complete mutton head"
The Bellingham Elks Lodge Americanism chairperson, Kathy Bergman, has presented the Fisher House Manager, Cecile Bagrow, with a new BBQ for veterans and families staying at the Fisher House in Seattle.
The Spanish Anti-Americanism and Americanism. El Pais.
She spoke at a recent presentation for the award winners of the AMVETS Americanism contest.
That is not a new Americanism but the club often split up friendly games in this way, providing a natural break to make changes as players come back from injury.
Nevertheless, it was an example of Americanism at work, as it was privately funded rather than socialized financial assistance.
As one of the pioneers, Marie-France Toinet, wrote in 1988 about her nation's fascination and rejection of Americanism: '...