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loyalty to the United States and its institutions

an expression that is characteristic of English as spoken by Americans

a custom that is peculiar to the United States or its citizens

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I have always used the term Mom as did my dad who was born in Sparkbrook in 1919 and, I imagine, not exposed to Americanisms.
His study makes an important contribution to our understanding of what progressive Catholics understood themselves to be, embarking upon prior to the condemnation with its definition of "Modernism"; it clarifies and deepens our perception of connections between Americanism and Modernism; and with McSorley, it emphasizes a somewhat neglected dimension of the Modernist crisis--spirituality.
Polyne adds a twist to the latter: black Pan Americanism characterizes the particular affinities surrounding the relationship between Haitians and those he calls "U.
The concept of Pan-Americanism is complicated through recognition of the differing conceptions of Pan-Americanism that came into play, including US-centered (hegemonic) Pan Americanism, Simon Bolivar's white-privileged Pan-Americanism, or the black Pan Americanism that often (but not always) has characterized US black-Haitian relations.
WHAT one generation of British English speakers objects to as an ugly Americanism often becomes so accepted here that later generations will use it without a second thought - even while objecting to Americanisms.
He was a top-priced 5-1 shot in the Pricewise table and he got the rain that suits, but still touched 15 on the machine Punting low I'd forgotten the drawn-out agony of a bad-travelling jumps bet Favourite Americanism "Loop and swoop" - description of Zenyatta's trademark hold-up round-the-field ride Favourite Francomeism A bad-jumping Bakbenscher was described as a "complete mutton head"
The Bellingham Elks Lodge Americanism chairperson, Kathy Bergman, has presented the Fisher House Manager, Cecile Bagrow, with a new BBQ for veterans and families staying at the Fisher House in Seattle.
A prominent businesswoman and a man dubbed "the honorary mayor of Woodland Hills" are set to be honored at an Americanism Educational League gala next month.
Americanism begins with the trajectory of American history already set and then assembles events and people and documents to follow that predetermined narrative.
She spoke at a recent presentation for the award winners of the AMVETS Americanism contest.
That is not a new Americanism but the club often split up friendly games in this way, providing a natural break to make changes as players come back from injury.
Nevertheless, it was an example of Americanism at work, as it was privately funded rather than socialized financial assistance.
In Hooded Americanism, Chalmers had focused on four major "eras" of Klan activity: its birth in the Reconstruction era; its resurgence shortly before World War One and through the 1920s; its violent response to the Civil Rights movement after the 1954 Supreme Court outlawed segregation in public schools; and finally the period at the end of the 1970s when Klan influence was in serious decline, its influence largely limited to acts of violence that in Backfire Chalmers calls "an expressive alternative to actual power for controlling larger events" (109).
Both students were presented winner's plaques (Trent's had a Braille overlay) and featured as guests at the Unit 42 Americanism luncheon and program.
Americanism points to the image Americans themselves have of their country and culture.