American woodcock

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small long-billed woodcock

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The 2016-17 Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock Hunting Log is available online for printing or download.
Proceedings of the Eight American woodcock Symposium, Washington, USA, Fish and Wildlife Service, Biological Report 16: 5-13.
American woodcock (Scolopax minor) winter in the southern United States (1) where they use many different habitat types (2-7).
The American woodcock ranges across the eastern half of North America, from southern Manitoba to Texas' Gulf shore forests.
The officers responded and found that the caller had an American woodcock inside a small box.
So, fellow superior human beings, let me begin by stating that I prefer to call the American woodcock (Philohela minor) the timberdoodle, not to be confused with the latest designer dog, the Labradoodle.
You can see the American woodcock doing his sky dance in April and the warblers are migrating now in May," he said.
American woodcock Scolopax minor (hereafter woodcock) choose diurnal foraging habitat each morning as they depart from the night-time roosting fields to forage in densely wooded diurnal areas with moist soils (e.
A biologist seemingly smitten with the smell of sawdust, Dessecker believes that when people fell some timber, they could be coming to the aid of a troubled group of birds--chief among them a rotund little creature named the American woodcock.
As the landscape slowly greens, birds such as whip-poor-will, woodpeckers, ruffed grouse and American woodcock will all benefit from the new landscape.
I like to listen for the shrill calls of spring peepers in wetlands or the nasal "peent" of American woodcock in the fields.
The forestry program, which began in 1985 to address state forestlands that were maturing at a rapid rate and preventing the growth of young forest habitats, has been successful in re-establishing a rare species habitat in the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area with the American woodcock and ruffed grouse, as well as the regeneration of Aspen trees in the Fox Den WMA in Middlefield, and increase in songbird numbers, thanks to a reclamation of an abandoned pasture site at the Eugene Moran WMA in Windsor.
Male American woodcock perform elaborate mating rituals near wetlands, flying high above and spiraling back down to impress females.
According to David Small, club president, highlights included an American woodcock - the first time a woodcock has been recorded in the years since the Athol count began.
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