American white oak

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large slow-growing deciduous tree of the eastern United States having stout spreading branches and leaves with usually 7 rounded lobes


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Sitting at the heart of the facility is The Shed - a semi-private space furnished with a solid American white oak table and chairs.
Aged in American white oak barrels, the amber hued tequila has a decidedly spicier and more herbaceous character than famed Hornitos Reposado.
To ensure smoothness it's aged in small American white oak barrels.
this June, it is 100% blue agave distilled in small batches and aged just under one year in heavily toasted American white oak.
Jura Brooklyn has been aged up to 16 years in American White Oak Bourbon, Amoroso Sherry and Pinot Noir casks.
Tequila Herradura is distilled twice and aged to perfection in American white oak barrels.
Packed with spiced fruits, and with subtle notes of burnt orange, honey, apple and cinnamon spice, it's aged in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels and finished in European half port pipes.
We had 36 charred American White Oak barrels from 1994, and we chose the top six.
Barcelo rums are aged a minimum of one year in American white oak barrels; the barrels are toasted to protect the alcohol and the wood.
This suggested the wood was American white oak growing after 1756 - casting doubt on links to Henry VII.
5-bath home with Italian cabinetry, 7-inch wide American white oak floors, Calcutta gold marble in the kitchen and Zebra grey limestone in the master bathroom.
Each spiral is made from American White Oak and spiral cut to maximize end-grain exposure, which in turn minimizes aging time.
Matured in American white oak and Amoroso and Apostoles Oloroso sherry butt casks it's described by experts as a "rare and richly aromatic malt", with notes of honey, vanilla, ginger, peach syrup and banana cake on the nose and ripe pineapple, bitter chocolate and rich morello cherries on the palate.
AMERICAN WHITE OAK is enjoying what many call a "good run.
The maker of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey on Monday celebrated the opening of a new cooperage in Alabama to supply its distillery with the American white oak barrels that are toasted and charred to give the spirit its distinctive flavor and color.
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