American water spaniel

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breed of medium-sized spaniels originating in America having chocolate or liver-colored curly coat

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Sportsmen owning American water spaniels maintain the little brown dogs with a curly coat and long tail stand strong afield, whether waterfowl or upland hunting.
In 1937, a few breeders formed The American Water Spaniel Club Inc.
A few AWS fanciers formed a national breed club, the American Water Spaniel Club in 1937.
09) Gary March's story about his AWS (American Water Spaniel) really hit home.
He brought Luke, his 1-year-old American water spaniel. Retired from a medical practice of 40 years, Dr.
As an American water spaniel owner I would like to thank you for the fine article on our little-known breed.
Finally--although unexpectedly--the decades-long classification controversy within the American Water Spaniel Club (AWSC) has ended with an almost beyond-belief win-win outcome.
(Toller) * (Canada) (U.S.) American water spaniel Boykin spaniel ** (BSS) (BSCBAA) * The Toller has separate national breed clubs in Canada and the U.S.
Q (Question): My 13-month-old American water spaniel lives outdoors, and by the end of last winter--the most severe Virginia has seen in years--she had an incredibly thick coat of about three inches.
This means that in the sporting breed spaniel "subgroup," only the American water spaniel and the field spaniel were fewer in number.
* Five-and-a-half-week-old American water spaniel Kenai retrieves his first pheasant wing.
When they first arrived in the U.S., Labrador and golden retrievers were sneered and snickered at by veteran waterfowlers who wouldn't employ anything but a Chesapeake Bay retriever, Irish water spaniel or American water spaniel. Now the Irish is almost obsolete and the American is relatively rare.
I do not believe there was a dog that Dave did not like and we hunted behind not only our American water spaniels and Gordon setter, but also all of Dave's dogs, from the more common Labs and setters to the more unusual pudelpointer and wachtelhund.
Breeds include a variety of spaniels such as the Clumber, English Springer, Welsh Springer, Irish Water, and American Water Spaniels.
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