American water spaniel

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breed of medium-sized spaniels originating in America having chocolate or liver-colored curly coat

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In 1937, a few breeders formed The American Water Spaniel Club Inc.
The photography and composition was great, and Gary March shared the compassion and love for water fowling and his American water spaniel, River.
During a training session, Dave and I inadvertently let Chester and Jug, a cocky American water spaniel, out of the trailer at the same time.
During the first period, American wildfowlers developed four homegrown, regional breeds: Chesapeake Bay retriever, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, American water spaniel and Boykin spaniel.
As an American water spaniel owner I would like to thank you for the fine article on our little-known breed.
The American Water Spaniel Club spent several decades debating whether to request spaniel or retriever classification, since AWSs are equally talented in both areas.
Finally--although unexpectedly--the decades-long classification controversy within the American Water Spaniel Club (AWSC) has ended with an almost beyond-belief win-win outcome.
Morrison wrote a book on the breed called American Water Spaniel, published in 2007 by Kennel Club Books, ISBN 1-59378-411-2.
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