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common toad of America

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Fowler's Toad (Anaxyrus fowleri)--Fowler's Toad seems to be less common in the Stemler Cave area than the American Toad. A single specimen was observed on the perimeter of the preserve on 30 July 2004.
American toad survival significantly changed over time and was significantly reduced by uncaged green frogs over time, compared with no or caged green frog treatments (Table 1).
American toads in this region are referred to the subspecies B.
Here we test a good-genes prediction for the maintenance of a mating preference for large males in the American toad, Bufo americanus, by examining whether sire body-size effects increased offspring survival to metamorphosis, greater offspring body weight at metamorphosis, and/or earlier metamorphosis of offspring.
Bufo americanus charlesmithi Bragg, 1954 (Dwarf American Toad).
The most common toad in Northern Illinois is the American toad, which can be found in virtually all forest and prairie habitats.
The American toad has a high-pitched tea kettle whistle, like a cheap referee's whistle.
(1980) reported an L[C.sub.50] of 48 ppm for atrazine in the American toad 4-days posthatching.
The retaining ponds were used by four anurans: cricket frog, bullfrog, green frog, and American toad. All four species were also present at the mitigation wetlands and in many other parts of the project area.
The vertebrate fauna includes Bufo americanus (American toad), Pseudacris crucifer (spring peeper), a swallow (sp.
The American Toad has a spotted belly, and one to two warts per spot on its back.
Likewise, Green found infections in several Maryland specimens of the common American toad. In neither case did the animals appear to be suffering a fatal disease like the Arizona frogs.
The American toad might be one of the most recognizable, but it is joined by other important species like the western chorus frog, the spring peeper and the wood frog.
Along with the plants, they found 38 different bird species, painted turtles, a snake and an American toad.
triseriata), spring peeper, eastern gray treefrog (Hyla versicolor) and American toad (Bufo americanus).
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