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This online dictionary features Oxford definitions of words, along with advice on correct grammar, British spelling and American spelling, and punctuation, plus guidelines to help people to improve their English usage.
Table 3 Spelling Preferences for 21 Students When Presented with Canadian or American Spelling Word Pair (Can.
It would have got five bacon rashers, but I deducted one for them using the incorrect American spelling of Centre.
A compromise was reached for standards in spelling using British or American spelling rules: hyphens are minimized, compound words follow rules that address relationships between the words, and compound group names are hyphenated only to connect two names of birds or families of birds.
This book has been published with an international audience in mind, however it is a little annoying as an Australian reader of an Australian book to encounter American spelling and explanations focused on an American, rather than a general global audience.
That's "anti-American" because it doesn't use American spelling, even though most English-speaking Wikipedia users are American, "anti- Christian" because some entries use CE (Common Era) rather than BC (Before Christ) to describe dates, plus it "refuses to give enough credit to Christianity for the Renaissance".
I have just learned this from Stop the Show, by Brad Sch-reiber, which describes itself as a history of insane incidents and absurd accidents in the theatre - give or take the American spelling of t heatre.
American spelling it may be but this is the car Dodge hopes will transform its image in Europe.
And the spellcheck usually defaults to American spelling, just like the signage in the new Christchurch Women's Hospital (eg fetal instead of foetal).
Equally as amazing in terms of seemingly unlikely subjects for a multiplex cinema screening was Jeffrey Blitz's 2003 film Spellbound about the yearly national American spelling championship held in Washington, D.
Asked whether he noticed any changes in the current English dispatches in the official media from the time he left the country, he replied, ''They use American spelling now.
He also found that for 12 medical words that have both a British spelling and an American spelling (such as "aepnea" and "apnea"), 6% of the relevant articles would have been missed if the British spelling had not been used, too.
For example: American spelling is used occasionally; a prominent Canadian demographer is misnamed on p.
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