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The trend, called servitization, complete with American spelling, makes a lot of sense: companies have in the past ignored sizeable chunks of potential revenue by not offering to service their products, and customers are often more interested in receiving a service from a product than they are in actually owning and looking after the product itself.
American spelling conventions have simplified many English words by making them more efficient and phonetic.
The top three most-viewed word definitions were "communication," "eponymous," and "culture." Oxford Dictionaries Online provides free definitions of words, along with advice on correct grammar, British spelling and American spelling, and punctuation, plus guidelines to help people to improve their English usage.
Which is just one of the reasons why Dishonored (if you'll excuse the American spelling) feels so exciting.
Through his American Spelling Book (the "Blue-Backed Speller"), which taught five generations of American schoolchildren how to read, he was the proper father of civics, who confidently declared that his reader, devoid of religious writings but enriched by the tracts of Tom Paine and the abolitionists, would replace the Bible as the book from which young Americans would read aloud.
In the Calgary Herald report, Barber is quoted as saying, "More than 90 per cent of Canadians polled recently believe that Canadian spelling is threatened by American spelling."
For a parallel example, who would dream of asking their Australian students to use a word processor if the default speller was set to American spelling? How could we expect students to learn to spell if they are constantly being bombarded with inappropriate spelling 'corrections'?
British and American spelling reform societies still appear periodically; this century has witnessed protesters' placards at the National Spelling Bee proclaiming, "Enuf is Enuf."
"Too much mathematical rigor teaches rigor mortise," he says, complete with American spelling. "When the going gets tough, the tough lower their standards."
"Many available teaching programme materials sourced from overseas tend to feature American spelling, and highlight cultural settings and teaching styles not suited to current British classroom practice." Earlier this year, Children's Secretary Ed Balls suggested youngsters should be able to study Mandarin under a government plan to resurrect foreign languages in schools.
A TECHNICAL committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (NOTE USES AMERICAN SPELLING FOR NAME) is undertaking an intense work programme to develop global standards for intelligent transport systems.
Grammatical mistakes are numerous, such as some American spelling, poor sentence structure, incorrect inventors names apart from some completely wrong facts.
The journal there is an American journal, thus the American spelling of the word in question had been used.
Here he was regularly reprimanded by his English instructors for speaking the abomination of an "American dialect" and warned never to use "American spelling" with its simplifications that testified prima facie to the uncultured and simpleton nature of Americans."
And we use the American spelling - skeptic - because, in the States, the word isn't as strongly linked to cynicism.
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