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Synonyms for slang



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Synonyms for slang

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In the early 1950s American slang was associated with working-class subcultures, especially bodgies and widgies, and was therefore seen as an aberrant trait (Stratton 1992, 3).
In the same tale, in the elaboration of her sexual life with her newfound pirate lover, Bartolomea refers to the male sexual organ as 'the man' (Musa), which is a literal translation of the original Italian 'colui' ('the one'--McWilliam); but Rebhorn deliberately chooses the term 'guy' because it is part of American slang.
The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang also lists the word, defining it thus:
The country is now faced with a political situation that could be politely described as a "in a fine mess," quoting from the funny duo, Laurel and Hardy, and "in deep sh...t" in the more common American slang.
"Bling" seems to be a modern catchword in American slang. I think it refers to fancy doodads.
The three men read Japanese-prepared scripts at the start, but soon were writing their own material, peppering it with American slang, clever puns, and wordplay that they believed would sabotage the Japanese propaganda effort.
Tom Dalzell is an author and independent scholar of American slang. Terry Victor is a slang collector, actor, broadcaster, writer, and director.
It is a lazy American slang term for times past and only becomes legitimised into acceptable English when used with a proper reference point: "Back in the days of Ancient Greece" or "back in the days of my youth."
He wants, as we might say in American slang, the Palestinians to surrender and say "Uncle".
However, an American slang term of the 1860s, "bully for you", gave the word a more positive sense again.
Semantic change is an important part of African American slang and involves two mechanisms: figuration and shifting.
The photos showed the soldier wearing two different T-shirts - each emblazoned with the phrase Keep Calm and Chive On, American slang for "staying the course no matter what".
The discussion ends with some role reversal as we teach American slang to our teachers, who struggle with the flat r's, to our amusement.
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