American sign language

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the sign language used in the United States

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For the cochlear-implanted deaf child, a visual language such as American Sign Language (ASL), is often withheld in the belief that it interferes with speech development.
The study called for specialized mental health training for American Sign Language interpreters who work in psychiatric settings.
"But it wasn't just deaf children and it wasn't just British children; we started getting a lot of emails through the website from the US asking if we could do more in American Sign Language (ASL) as it is very different.
He argues that ASL "used by African-Americans is probably more heterogeneous than what one finds among most groups of American Sign Language users" (98).
The Austin tour is the first GPS tour to be made available in American Sign Language and GPS hopes to replicate this model in other locations around the nation for those who use American Sign Language as their primary language.
The company, including Penelope Freeh and Peggy Scipp-Roy (left to right, above), brings the story to life with James Sewell's choreography shaped from American Sign Language. The stained glass-inspired scenery and costumes are by Peter Hauser and Mary Hansmeyer.
Language Access' Martti (My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter) system will also offer Kroger pharmacy customers American sign language services.
Made by Sorenson Communications, the videophone booths connect the user to a nationwide network of American Sign Language interpreters who facilitate conversations for them with hearing individuals by way of a videophone appliance and the Sorenson Video Relay Service[R].
The two new booths will reportedly allow travellers to make calls through an on-screen American sign language interpreter.
Help Me Learn Counting 1-10 in American Sign Language
Sign to Learn: American Sign Language in the Early Childhood Classroom is billed as the first book to show educators how to introduce a sign language curriculum to hearing preschoolers.
The Hodgin Elementary School students use SignWriting, a written script of American Sign Language created by Valerie Sutton.
"These children have to learn two languages -- American Sign Language, which is their native language, and English, which is their written language," said Dr.
The model accommodates for sign clarity issues, such as frames per second required for a clear picture and communication in American Sign Language. The model combines the literature and models from the fields of 1) tele medicine 2) tele health and 3) tele education.
However, 50 percent of Early Intervention Programs reported they did consult periodically with deaf adults such as the program principal, teachers, parents, a student assistant and other staff about the use of American Sign Language and exposure to Deaf Culture.
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