American robin

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large American thrush having a rust-red breast and abdomen

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The analysis of nest success was based on data from 149 brown thrasher nests, 147 American robin nests and 33 loggerhead shrike nests.
A seasonal shift from American robins to other avian species was noted with Cx.
Considering the anatomic location of the neoplasm described above, and the histologic features (histomorphologic and immunohistochemical), a mixed thymoma was diagnosed in this American robin.
Percentage of nonvegetated ground had a significant relationship with the occupancy of more of our songbird species than any other variable, including gray catbird, Northern cardinal, and American robin. Gray catbird was the only species that had a negative relationship with the variable, indicating the species prefers sites with increased ground coverage.
Excluding mallards (Anas platyrhynchos), overall mean clutch size was highest in bobolinks ([bar.x] = 4.6, n = 18) and eastern meadowlarks ([bar.x] = 4.2, n = 16) and lowest in brown thrashers ([bar.x] = 3.0, n = 8), American robins (Turdus migratorius) ([bar.x] = 3.3, n = 16), and willow flycatchers ([bar.x] = 2.5, n = 6) (Fig.
All 5 positive tick samples were from unique after-hatch year birds of 4 species (American robin, blue jay, red-winged blackbird [Agelaius phoeniceus], Swainson's thrush) at 4 field sites, including urban green spaces and residential sites.
American Robin defends fruit resource against Cedar Wax wings.
In the women's draw, top seed Caroline Wozniacki will face Russian Vera Zvonareva in today's semi-finals The junior girls' singles saw Britain's Laura Robson lose 6-3 6-2 to American Robin Anderson.
Recommendations D Horsey 1.5pts each-way 33-1 general C Wood 1.5pts each-way 30-1 general T Jaidee 2pts 9-1 general KJ Choi 1pt 16-1 Betfred, B Square, V Chandler S Hutsby 0.5pt each-way 66-1 general THE LOWDOWN Malaysian Open Prize money $2m (pounds 1.32m with pounds 220,000 to winner) Field 156 The course Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (West course) Length 7,000 yards Par 72 Designed by American Robin Nelson and set in the Bukit Kiara hills, the West is short for a par 72 but ends with a monster of a par five at 634 yards.
If you finally see this songster, it looks similar in color to an American robin, but it's distinguished by a black V across the breast and an orange line above the eye as well as more subtle differences.
Plant a flowering dogwood tree and, chances are, an American robin will reward you with a clutch of skyblue eggs in late spring.
And though rooftops do not seem to be much used by fall migratory birds, they are commonly frequented by resident urban species, including European starling, house sparrow, rock dove, American robin, ring-billed gull, and American crow.
Some highlights of the 2006 Survey include the observations of a Baltimore oriole, a rose-breasted grosbeak, and a brown thrasher in Arviat, a yellow-headed blackbird north of Wrigley, and a lark sparrow in Colville Lake, as well as the discovery of an American robin's nest in Rankin Inlet.
Up to 30 ornithologists gathered in Denman Road, Peckham to see an American robin ( Turdus migratorius ( a blackbird-size thrush with a reddish-brown underside.
I hope it's still around for more people to see.'' The rare bird may have simply moved on, trying to make its way back to the Mediterranean and hasn't met the same fate as one extremely rare American Robin. Thousands of twitchers flocked to this bird's temporary home in Grimsby before, to the horror of onlookers, it was swooped on and devoured by a passing sparrowhawk.
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