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one who operates puppets or marionettes

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The performing arts season kicks off with American puppeteer Basil Twist's ''Dogugaeshi,'' which uses a Japanese screen-sliding technique to unreel abstract images and patterns of ancient and modern Japan as the stage background.
That is exactly what happened to the Muppet Show, the realisation of the imagination of an American puppeteer called Jim Henson.
At 12, Burkett discovered master puppeteer Martin Stevens, the famous American puppeteer from the '30s and '40s, who offered a correspondence course on puppetry.
"The first requirement of a puppet is that it move," the American puppeteer Bill Baird said in the early '70s.
Hundreds of Iranian art lovers gave a troupe of American puppeteers flowers and a long standing ovation at the Tehran City Theater this week during a rare visit by American performers to the Islamic Republic.
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