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a tuition free school in the United States supported by taxes and controlled by a school board

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This book will be especially helpful in assisting educators, parents, and community leaders as they continue to discuss and debate the curriculum of American public schools.
There's been enough trash-talking about American public schools to rattle even the staunchest supporter.
Instead, over the last half-century the triumph of the SAT meritocracy has made education essential to individual success -- alternative routes have been closed off -- yet a substantial minority of American public schools are still of unacceptably poor quality.
In American race relations, the bridge from the 20th century may be leading back into the 19th century,'' concludes the report, ``Deepening Segregation in American Public Schools.
These wonderful individuals are typical of the many devoted and committed teachers working throughout American public schools who rarely get the recognition they deserve.
Minority students in American public schools who score below grade level and fall within the achievement gap are the victims of racist acts, inequality, and undemocratic practices within the system, charges Joyces: they are suffocating and need protection from educational atrocities historically approved by the powerful.
This helps account for the fact that while American public schools fare poorly in global comparisons, American universities are the best in the world, and American companies are leaders in innovation.
Don't you just love how after careful review of the data, the prescription for American public schools is always more testing, increased sanctions, louder name-calling and longer seat-time?
Peter Schrag's Final Test describes how judicial rulings in state courts are transforming the way American public schools are financed.
com/bracey/ EDDRA/, can find information proving that American public schools are performing better than voucher advocates and the Religious Right say.
QUESTIONS about the place of religion and the role of moral instruction in American public schools are anything but new.
When Midgets Battle Titans, Cultural and Organizational Resonances Matter: Afrocentric and Scientific Creationist Challenges to American Public Schools.
Unfortunately for American public schools, Cartwright's grandson's school is the norm and Blaine is the exception.
Today at the national conference of the American Association of School Administrators, Steven Spielberg announced the AASA/Shoah Foundation Initiative to promote tolerance and embrace diversity in American public schools.
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