President of the United States

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the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government

the office of the United States head of state

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In life, Kennedy presented an image of healthful vigour, but "his ailments were legion," says Barbara Perry of the University of Virginia's Miller Centre, which studies the American presidency.
A Transformation in American National Politics: The Presidential Election of 2012" is comprised of informed and informative essays by leading scholars of American politics and the American presidency that insightfully examines the 2012 presidential election in its many facets.
POLITICIAN John Fitzgerald Kennedy announced he would run for the American presidency.
He has remained a TV favourite with Fitzgerald Kennedy announced he would run for the American presidency.
In addition to his role at Teneo, Rollins is the senior presidential fellow at Hofstra University's Centre for the Study of the American Presidency in New York and works for Fox News as a senior political analyst.
One of your correspondents recently mentioned Thomas Jefferson, of Welsh ancestry, and his achievements during his American presidency.
It will attract researchers and readers interested in the American presidency, public policy, and public administration.
I know that anyone who disagrees with me would suggest that I am wrong because of the implications of the American presidency and therefore foreign policy mean a great deal to the UK.
Published widely on the American presidency, civil-military relations, and American political development, he is author of The Cold War Presidency: A Documentary History; Uneasy Balance: Civil-Military Relations in Peacetime America since 1783; George Washington; Lyndon Baines Johnson; With Reverence and Contempt: How Americans Think About Their President; and Ideologues and Presidents: From the New Deal to the Reagan Revolution.
I READ with great interest Peter Henricks's assessment of the current campaign for the American presidency and the potential influence of the Kennedy family (Letters, September 8).
It is these ideals which are of such continued significance to the cultural understanding of a vigorous, potent, and successful American presidency," he added.
NEW MONDAY, SKY ATLANTIC, 9PM, 1 OF 7 John Adams The story of the 'forgotten man' of the American presidency - John Adams, the politician who came after Washington and before Jefferson, yet didn't get his fizzog carved into Mount Rushmore.
Oliver Stone's middle effort in his trilogy of films about the American presidency starred an almost unrecognisable Anthony Hopkins as the much vilified Tricky Dicky.
President Obama will receive, on Friday October 7 at the White House, Caretaker Prime Minister Caid Essebsi, which is "the first meeting with a high-level Tunisian official since the fall of the Ben Ali regime, on January 14," reads a statement released on Tuesday by the American Presidency.
This new entry to the American Presidency series benefits from Gould's decades of research in the papers of Taft and his contemporaries and provides fresh perspectives on the issues and controversies they encountered.
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