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very large spreading plane tree of eastern and central North America to Mexico

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Air Force RC-135 recon jet and came within five feet of the American plane.
American planes in general hit more of what the military refers to as ''dynamic'' targets -- ones that are not pre-planned -- and a mobile insurgency like the Islamic State group makes for a lot of dynamic targets.
When the Tehran Times contacted the airport and asked what the American plane was doing there, the airport simply denied there was any American plane, even though the aircraft with a small American flag on its tail was parked in plain view.
I saw it flying over Edgbaston piggybacked on an American plane.
The bombing of the American plane, travelling from London to New York four days before Christmas, killed all 259 people on board.
The officials said the strike was carried out by an American plane because Yemeni planes aren't equipped for nighttime strikes.
However the American plane made a safe landing and all the passengers remained safe and numbers of other flights were restricted to take off and landing during the emergency at the airport.
A senior Israel Air Force commander told the paper that the American plane with Israeli add-ons would be known as the F-35I.
-Investigations on the attempt to attack an American plane reached an Israeli company.
The remains of 31-year-old Mohammad Ahmad Abdullah Salih Al Hanashi arrived in Yemen early on Friday in an American plane accompanied by Khaled Al Kathairi, the political attachE[umlaut] at the Yemeni embassy in Washington.
2000: An American plane hit trouble when a pig tried to break into the cockpit.
In the worst American plane crash in nearly five years,
AT LEAST 16 people died when an American plane fired missiles into a residential neighbourhood in Fallujah, Iraq, yesterday.
The first carrier-based squadrons deployed to Korean waters in spring 1951, and by November of that year Naval Aviation News reported that "in a typical month, every third American plane that flew over Korea on a combat mission was piloted by an activated Navy or Marine air reservist." In March 1951, Boxer (CV 21) deployed with an all-reserve air group (except for composite and helicopter detachments).
Clinton visited the site where the Joint Task Force Full Accounting (JTFA), the Pentagon team responsible for recovering the remains Of missing Americans, was investigating a possible American plane crash.
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