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The story here is everything--this is an old fashioned style baseball yarn about a charismatic (and decidedly crooked) Native American pitcher who, at the turn of the last century, washes up in a small California town (literally, he is fished out of the nearby bay, half dead) and introduces to its hapless semi-pro ballclub the finer points of winning at all costs (most notably by importing ringers to help beef up the lineup).
The chapter on conservation really brings home the plight of some American pitcher plants, especially sarracenia.
Commonly known as American pitcher plants, their leaves developinto pitchers that trap flies,bees, wasps and other insects attracted to the leaf by its colour and the secretion of nectar around the lip.
Ask most baseball fans which African American pitcher was the first to throw a major league no-hitter, and chances are good you will get the wrong answer.
Stands of American pitcher plants (Sarracenia) have been reduced by 90 percent; the Venus flytrap is barely hanging on along a beleaguered stretch of coastal North and South Carolina.
There has been so much written about the legendary African American pitcher since he was finally allowed into the white major leagues thirty-six seasons ago that another biography might seem redundant.