American pit bull terrier

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American breed of muscular terriers with a short close-lying stiff coat

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If he's lucky enough to make it onto the adoption row and gets adopted, his savior finds she has also adopted a quandary: Most breed specific legislation, housing regulations, and insurance companies discriminate against any dog with a "pit bull label--possibly the reason why those mixed-breed DNA testing companies don't designate any of the dogs they test as American Pit Bull Terriers. --Nancy Kerns
Os valores do VHS em caes da raca American pit bull terrier apresentaram diferenca significativa (P>0,05) em comparacao com os resultados obtidos por BUCHANAN & BUCHELER (1995).
From left are Duncan 5000, an American pit bull terrier, and University of Oregon students Sadie Rose, 19, and Collin Casey, 24.
The fundraising effort is for Pinups for Pit Bulls, a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the American Pit Bull Terrier & Bully breed dogs and Tampa Bay area pit bull rescue, Pit Stop Bullys.
Q Our American Pit Bull Terrier has started to show signs of anxiety toward other animals to the point of engaging in a dog fight that left the other dog seriously injured.
Police seized the American pit bull terrier from a house on the Riddings estate in Sheepridge.
Her uncle, 24-year-old Kiel Simpson, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Magistrates Court to owning a dog banned under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, namely an American pit bull terrier. Simpson, the brother of Ellies mother, Lindsey Simpson, will be sentenced on May 16.
Just minutes earlier in the same court, her son, 23-year-old Kiel Simpson, appeared charged with possession of a banned dog under section one of the Dangerous Dog Act, the American pit bull terrier called Reuben, which killed his niece.
Her son, Kiel Simpson, 24, is charged with possession of a dangerous dog, namely an American pit bull terrier.
James Wolffe, prosecuting, said Mr Miller, 50, was at a bus stop in Motherwell in the early hours of last March 10 when he met Leary walking his American pit bull terrier.
I owned a cross American pit bull terrier for 12 years who was brought up with a springer spaniel and a young child.
A man was recovering in hospital yesterday after his genitals were bitten off by a friend's American pit bull terrier cross.
Some of them are already banned here such as the American pit bull terrier.
In a separate hearing at the same court, her son, 23-year-old Kiel Simpson, appeared charged with possession of a banned dog, namely an American pit bull terrier.
DANGEROUS: An American pit bull terrier. It has not yet been established what breed of dog killed Ellie Lawrenson
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