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a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan

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Besides American Muffins, Millie's offers American Tray Cakes in four varieties: American Fudge, laced with walnuts; Blueberry and Cherry Creme, filled with fruit and topped with crumble and icing; and Blondie, a "blond" brownie filled with walnuts and topped with caramel.
It says: "Morning goods in this category are fuelling growth in the market and, in particular, it is the nontraditional items, including bagels, and indulgence products such as croissants, Danish pastries, and American muffins, which are among the most dynamic.
The work has enabled us to improve the capacity of our American muffins and tray bakes section by over 40%.
Before last week, it wasn't known as a place where detainees could count on air conditioning, antibiotics, American muffins and the promise of a team of international lawyers, as Mr.
95; JS choc-chip American muffins x 4 66p were 99p; JS Sicilian wine (75cl) pounds 2.
The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the UK bakery products market and covers bread (wrapped and unwrapped); cake (wrapped and unwrapped) and cake bars; morning goods (eg croissants); bakery snacks (eg hot cross buns and doughnuts) and foreign recipe goods (eg American muffins and Danish pastries); specialty/ethnic breads (eg garlic and Indian breads); and rolls.
He is given three meals a day and is fond of American muffins and cookies.
But tastes are changing--while fewer consumers buy crumpets and teacakes, more buy American muffins and Danish pastries.
Mention is made of the range of American muffins they manufacture for Tesco on a new line that was only installed just over a year ago.
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