American mistletoe

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the traditional mistletoe of Christmas in America: grows on deciduous trees and can severely weaken the host plant

small herb with scalelike leaves on reddish-brown stems and berrylike fruits

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The American mistletoe which has a little broader leaf, is the one used for Christmas decorations.
Host specificity of American mistletoe (Phoradendron leucarpum, Viscaceae) in Garrard County, Kentucky.
By far the most common is American mistletoe, which has slightly larger leaves and smaller berries than its European counterpart, and grows in globe-shaped clusters among the branches of deciduous trees.
The nocturnal, squirrel-size Dromiciops australis eats seeds of a South American mistletoe and then excretes them onto trees, report Gillermo Amico and Marcelo A.
American mistletoe (Phorandendron) (leaves used in teas) may raise blood pressure, countering drug's effects.
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