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Set in the American mid-west just before World War I - and breathtakingly beautiful - it follows the scheme devised by runaways Richard Gere and Brooke Adams.
Sandi teams up on vocals with blues axeman Joe Bonamassa for a sound which could provide the backdrop to the story of truck drivers in the American mid-West.
The DWP became the CN's gateway into the American mid-west. The shipment of freight into Duluth allowed for reshipment by vessels down the Great Lakes or continuation by rail by means of any one of the seven American railroads that operated out of Duluth or Superior, Wisconsin.
"But we do not plan to use this service just to bring travellers from Chicago and the American mid-west to Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.
In fact, a small group of knitters from Minnesota and Wisconsin in the American Mid-West will be visiting Holmfirth for the anniversary, such is the loyalty the firm generates.
Since those discs went missing in the post, it also emerged that three million motorists' details had been lost in Iowa, in the American mid-west.
Straw bale construction was pioneered in the mid- 1800s in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, and some straw houses are still standing in the American mid-west. Such houses have been built recently in the United States for as little as $4 per square foot.
A simple tale of a lonely telephone repairman working in the vast open plains of the American Mid-West, Wichita Lineman made the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic in 1968, topping the country charts in the US, while the album of the same name went double platinum.
The story of Charlotte's Web starts in the American mid-west, in the farmhouse of Mr & Mrs Arable, with their daughter Fern and son Avery.
He spent almost two weeks in Africa last year as part of his crusade to alleviate Third World poverty and joined a gruelling Aids awareness tour across the American mid-west late last year.
But he says he was appalled when Bono - currently on an Aids awareness tour of the American mid-west - marched in and tried to hijack the session.
AN old Welsh folk tale relocated to the American Mid-West, The Bloody Ballad Of Mary Maid is a mix of horror, rock and fairytale.
When I watched The Last Picture Show back in the 1970s, I never w imagined that the cheerless desolation of the American Mid-West could ever come to anywhere near me.
There is a 1930's book called The Circus of Dr Lao where a wild, fantastical travelling circus comes to a fictional small American mid-west town causing social chaos and upsetting the usual way of life of the towns inhabitants, then eventually it leaves and moves on with the town in tatters.
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