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On 5 July 1992, while digging a trench for drainage tile in his Warren County cornfield, Larry Shafer encountered teeth and jawbone fragments of the American mastodont (Mammut americanum).
-- Dental remains of the American mastodont are recognized by their relatively thick enamel (6.2 mm on ET 5403), smooth occlusal surface, and the absence of additional enamel plications characteristic of gomphotheres.
The classification presented in this paper follows Simpson (1945) and Olsen (1972) for the American mastodont, and Simpson (1945) and Maglio (1973) for the mammoth.
The proboscideans that lived in Michigan during the Pleistocene are the American mastodont (Mammut americanum) and mammoth (Mammuthus spp.).
Here, I document a supernumerary tooth in the American mastodont (Mammut americanum) based on USNM (National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.) 2225 from Pleistocene deposits near Afton, Oklahoma (see Hay, 1924 for locality information).
American mastodont from the Sandia Mountains, New Mexico.
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