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valued for its fur

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Survival, causes of mortality, and reproduction in the American Marten in northeastern Oregon.
We documented 88 American marten events, with detections at 28 of 87 camera traps (32.2%) and on five of 13 monitored islands (38.5%) (Fig.
(eds), The scientific basis for conserving forest carnivores: American marten, fisher, lynx, and wolverine.
Seasonal and sexual differences in American marten diet in northeastern Oregon.
Most Fisher sightings in our database appear to be mistaken identifications of similar species, such as American Marten and American Mink.
American marten (Martes americana) are found across a large geographic range throughout North America (Williams et al., 2007) and are often associated with late successional forest types that offer closed canopy cover, large mature trees, complex vertical and horizontal structure, and abundant coarse woody debris (CWD) (Buskirk and Ruggiero, 1994; Bowman and Robitaille, 1997; Chapin et al., 1997; Potvin et al., 2000).
In an SPR model of an American marten (Martes americana) population in the upper peninsula of Michigan with 11 age classes and 12 years of data (Skalski et al.
They contribute to DEC research about game birds, frogs, toads and furbearers (e.g., rabbits, raccoons, bobcats, American marten).
We distinguished raccoon tracks from other species (e.g., American marten [Martes americana]) using standard field guides (Murie 1954, Halfpenny 1986, Rezendes 1999).
American Marten. In: Ruggiero LF, Aubry KB, Buskirk SW, Lyon LJ, Zielinski WJ, editors.
The additional species included 28 sets of American marten (Martes americana) tracks, 49 sets of raccoon (Procyon lotor) tracks and numerous small mammal tracks.
Your photo of the pine marten (American marten) is great.
Key words: American Marten, camera trap, detectability, distribution, Humboldt Marten, Martes caurina, Oregon, Pacific Marten
Internal fat depots in American marten Martes americana were considered by Buskirk & Harlow (1989) and by Robitaille & Cobb (2003) as valid indices of fatness.
Winter home-range characteristics of American marten (Martes americana) in northern Wisconsin.
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