American licorice

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North American plant similar to true licorice and having a root with similar properties

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The family run business, established in 1975 by James Carpenter, processes orders for manufacturers such as Jack Link's Beef Jerky and American Licorice Sour Punch and sells them to Alabama Distributors.
Established in 1975, Carpenter Sales purchases big brand names such as Republic Tobacco, Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Lil Drug Store, American Licorice, Albert's Candy, Van Holten Pickles, Uncle Ray's Potato Chips, Cheyenne Cigars, Ne-Mo's Bakery and sells them to distributors and retailers in the Alabama market.
That is fueling sales of American Licorice's Natural Vines, a licorice sweetened with cane sugar and made with all-natural ingredients that hit all of today's nutrition hot buttons.
This spring American Licorice expanded its Sour Punch line with Punchies.
American Licorice's premium Natural Vines brand was initially created for the licorice connoisseur--a consumer that enjoyed licorice and was looking for a gourmet product that had a sophisticated taste, texture and flavor profile, and one that was made with quality ingredients.
* American Licorice Co., which had its start in 1914 and markets the Red Vines, Sour Punch and Riza brands.
"Today, many consumers are more health conscious and are looking for products that don't contain ingredients created in a laboratory," says Michael Kelly, an American Licorice spokesman.
Established in 1914, Bend, Ore.-based American Licorice Company is swinging from the natural products tree with its new Natural Vines licorice, available in traditional black and strawberry flavors, both made with real licorice extract.
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