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The American language belonged only to the Americans, and it should clearly convey this message.
These are just a few of the questions Mark Louden addresses in his new book, Pennsylvania Dutch: The Story of an American Language.
4 million in new grants to preserve Native American language and culture.
Offensive, the American language is English, my great grandfather instilled that into my family as he arrived Ellis Island in the 20's, I wish more people respected America and our culture that expecting us to accept theirs in our country," another one commented.
In a press release, a Cabinet secretariate official source said the secretary, Mohammad al-Woshali, was snatched from Baghdad street in San on Monday as he left the Yemeni American Language Institute (YALI) by a group of armed men on a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck.
Chief Minister Sindh said that there is need of increasing the capacity of the Pakistan American Culture Centers (PACC) which are working for the promotion of American Language, so that more students could benefit from them.
This theme is also reflected in the prestigious Talise spa which means 'beautiful waters' in a Native American language.
The American language and indeed the whole American ethos of the novel will appeal to young readers, as will the fast moving plot.
Bush rarely considers himself alongside the experimental modernist aesthetics of interlingualism, but this is the starting point of Joshua Miller's absorbing and compendious new study of American language politics in the early twentieth century.
Most importantly, we should focus not on the American language being directed at Cairo but on the strategy and language the new President will use in addressing the world, including its biggest power.
He said that holding military responsible for circumstances of Balochistan is as par with speaking American language, as US wants to defame army of the country so that it can grab the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan.
The Lakota Native American language got some help from Papa Bear, Mama Bear and all the little Berenstain Bears.
Tribune's project in Newport News keeps local copy editing in Virginia, but Scripps' project moves all editing to Texas, where they may not know much Chinook, the Native American language that permeates the names and places of Kitsap Peninsula.
1 Early mitochondrial DNA analyses suggested three waves of migration that correspond to three Native American language groups--Amerind (brown arrow), Na-Dene (blue arrow) and Eskaleut (orange arrow).
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