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common North American vine with compound leaves and bluish-black berrylike fruit

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It is obvious, too, that he has benefited from speeches made and papers presented on the international conference circuit that takes in English stately homes, German Schlosser and American Ivy League Colleges and that he has picked big brains at high tables in Oxford.
The brand was created by designer Kensuke Ishizu, who sought to incorporate into fashion the prestigious image of the American Ivy League colleges.
American Ivy League institutions, such as Harvard, already charge tens of thousands of dollars a year in fees, before living costs.
The university is a member of the Russell Group, made up of the top research universities who once planned to set up a British version of the American Ivy League and lobbied hard for higher fees.
To learn more ivies, join the American Ivy Society ($20 per year; Box 2123, Naples, FL 34106-2123; www.
Dario, a pupil at The London Oratory school, had told his father and mother he wanted to go to an American Ivy League university.
Dartmouth: This top notch American Ivy League University located in New Hampshire originally started out as a seminary for educating American Indians.
Matt McCormack, Director of Buying, at John Lewis says, "Originally inspired by the American Ivy League look and European fashions, Mod style has experienced several reincarnations over the years.
Taking up his post, Professor Higgins outlined a vision to build on Durham's international reputation and see it classed alongside the American Ivy League colleges such as Princeton, Yale and Harvard.
Prof Martin's computer was infected with a virus in 1992 which was traced back to three students at Cornell University, the prestigious American Ivy League college.
Bournville Junior School, with its magnificent carillon bell tower designed by Alexander Harvey, looks like an American Ivy League University while the gabled row of shops in Sycamore Road offer retail outlets in a domestic architecture setting.
A large American Ivy League university's network operation center (NOC) provides more than 150,000 users across various departments, faculties and affiliates with border and core network connectivity and security services.
market continues to grow, as more than 2,100 American universities, schools and faculties currently accept IELTS for admissions purposes, including all eight American Ivy League colleges.
Housing Minister Yvette Cooper launched it yesterday with a call for the universities to rival the American Ivy League colleges.
The next year King Hussein took another Western wife, although American Ivy League beauty Elizabeth Halaby was at least half Arabic, through her Syrian-origin father.
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