American hornbeam

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tree or large shrub with grey bark and blue-green leaves that turn red-orange in autumn

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Nowhere else are you likely to find a taller swamp cottonwood (115 feet), winged elm (104), American holly (91), Carolina ash (82), American hornbeam (68), pawpaw (53), or possumhaw (44).
As if its remote location made for insufficient privacy, this shy giant is largely hidden in plain sight by a dense understory of pawpaw and American hornbeam, and a three-foot-thick shroud of poison ivy that encases the trunk from near eye level to about 90 feet up.
Zones 1-2: Try American hornbeam, Eastern redbud, honey locust, Japanese pagoda tree, little-leaf linden, and Marshall seedless green ash.
For land described as barren, the estimated numbers of traditional forest trees were impressive: 12,000 American hornbeam (ironwood), 9,000 red maple, 8,000 oaks of nine different species, 6,000 sweet gum, 3,000 black locust, 1,500 hickories, 1,200 willow, 1,000 birch, 500 American chestnut, and 300 flowering dogwood, to name a few.
And no forestry-school graduate is ever likely to forget the tribulations of sorting out American hornbeam (AKA blue beech, musclewood, or ironwood) from American hophornbeam (AKA ironwood).
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