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native American plant sometimes confused with the European hop

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With the exception of Small's work (1978, 1980) using solely morphological characteristics, only one other published study (Stevens et al., 2000) utilized wild American hop accessions.
Brewed by Itchen Valley exclusively for Ember pubs, Calypso is named after the powerful American hop it is made from, which is a brand new hop to the UK, making the ale truly unique.
An enjoyable pale ale, packed with American hop flavours.
Simon and Dawn are going to call on their knowledge of ancient country wine recipes for some beers - expect a carrot and orange beer in the near future - while also pursuing the current American hop fashion with others.
With the apparent shortage of American hop varieties we may taste more of this British hop in other beers.
Pineapple and mango are in the aroma, caused by American hop varieties mosaic, citra and cascade used to brew this beer.
North American brown ales are usually drier and more medium-bodied than their English counterparts with a slight citrus accent and a bitter nature absorbed from American hop varieties.
Brewed with American hop varieties Simcoe, Cascade and Citra, these impart the fruity aromas and flavours to this beer.
This beer is heavily hopped with American hop varieties, producing grapefruit and other citrus hints such as orange in the aroma.
The fruit flavours are caused by the American hop varieties used to brew it.
Wicked Weed Pernicious: Founded in 2012 by Walt and Luke Dickinson, the brothers created this flagship dry-hopped ale that features a heavy resinous of American hops as well as a combination of juicy, tropical fruit-forward hops.
For instance, herbal American hops that mimic pine and spruce are bridges for the rosemary and sage that goes over Fettuccine Alfredo.
Pioneer uses only American hops grown in the state of Washington, which the brewery has imported.
The company says "marrying" together a combination of British and American hops and champagne yeast "creates a new pale ale that is young, fresh and full of character."
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