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native American plant sometimes confused with the European hop

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Crew Republic Brewery was founded in a small backyard in 2011 by two beer enthusiasts who use American hops, a change from the usual Czech varieties usually found in German beers.
Simon and Dawn are going to call on their knowledge of ancient country wine recipes for some beers - expect a carrot and orange beer in the near future - while also pursuing the current American hop fashion with others.
Brewed with American hop varieties Simcoe, Cascade and Citra, these impart the fruity aromas and flavours to this beer.
This beer is heavily hopped with American hop varieties, producing grapefruit and other citrus hints such as orange in the aroma.
North American brown ales are usually drier and more medium-bodied than their English counterparts with a slight citrus accent and a bitter nature absorbed from American hop varieties.
The fruit flavours are caused by the American hop varieties used to brew it.
The Connoisseurs Choice beer varies from year to year and the 2012 brew used an American hop variety called Citra.
It also uses champagne yeast and a delicate blend of British and American hops.
Fermenting a beer with these special strains of wild yeast creates new and interesting flavors and aromas that work magically with the complementary citrus-like flavors in many of the American hops that we add late in fermentation to enhance the hop aromas, such as pineapple, papaya, peaches and limes," Van Wyk said.
We all loved the uniqueness of British malt and thought it would combine well with American hops hence the name Atlantic Ale.
The Cebruery from Cebu City is serving its best-selling People Power Pale Ale, a biscuity beer with caramel, Munich malts, Australian and American hops.
5% red ale that is brewed with red crystal malt and American hops.
American hops (Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade and Chinook), the result is a fruity aroma set offby a dry malt middle and a long hop finish.
Vasily Petrenko Ale is a "traditional-style pale ale with American hops (with a dash of inspiration from the Maestro), light and smooth, with a zingy citrus aroma and mellow finish", according to the brewers.
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