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Synonyms for goldfinch

American finch whose male has yellow body plumage in summer

small European finch having a crimson face and yellow-and-black wings

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American goldfinches, red-winged blackbirds, common yellowthroats (Geothlypis trichas), and bobolinks (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) were more abundant (all P < 0.05) in NWSG than in airfield grasslands (Table 3).
At the Dead Creek Bird Observatory, where Claire does the banding, volunteers see 30 to 40 different species of birds over 10 weeks during the summer, including song sparrows, yellow warblers, cedar waxwings, gray catbirds, American goldfinches, and common yellowthroats.
House sparrows were only mildly infectious to naive house finches for a short time, whereas American goldfinches remained infectious for up to 49 days after inoculation, although by then there were no physical signs of disease.
House finches and American goldfinches flock to a feeder in Eugene.
Among the topics of discussion are which weather conditions lend to fall foliage, how wolf spiders catch prey, and why American goldfinches build nests out of the usual spring season.
Birds like American goldfinches, grosbeaks and juncos feed on seed of the following wildflowers and grasses:
A pair of acrobatic American goldfinches alight on a cylindrical hanging bird feeder, hungrily searching for thistle seeds.
Hardest hit were pine siskins, American goldfinches and common redpolls.
It's time for these American goldfinches to get busy.
CUTLINE: A pair of American goldfinches keep a lookout from a feeder at the Mass.
However, there were significant differences between years in density of red-winged blackbirds, occurrence of American goldfinches, and richness of grassland and wetland species (Tables 1 and 2).
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