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North American woodland herb similar to and used as substitute for the Chinese ginseng

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The only species I had heard about before meeting Peter were Korean and American ginsengs.
Panax quinquefolius, also called North American ginseng (NAG) or American ginseng, has previously been shown to prevent chronic diabetic complications.
This study clearly lends support to the use of American ginseng to address cancer-related fatigue, especially in light of a lack of conventional pharmacologic agents to address this common situation.
In 2009, the foundation funded a research project to quantify the economic value of wild American ginseng in comparison to the economic value of timber over the same geographic area and time.
American ginseng was added, and then the milk was sterilized by ultra-high temperature processing (UHT), which prolongs shelf life.
Conclusion: North American ginseng has preventive effects on DN and it works through a combination of mechanisms such as antihyperglycemic and antioxidant activities.
Chen headed a study involving MS fingerprints and pattern-recognition analysis methods to discriminate between American ginseng grown in the United States and that grown in China.
AMSTERDAM - American ginseng significantly improved working-memory performance in a double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study of healthy young adults presented at the congress.
Barton and colleagues, about two to three times as many patients taking 1,000 or 2,000 mg daily of American ginseng reported satisfaction with treatment and improvements in fatigue, compared with those patients who took placebo (Support.
We think that American ginseng affects the body by making it produce more insulin, which is typically insufficient in diabetes," Dr.
In northeastern North America, the Iroquois and other indigenous peoples made similar medicinal use of its close cousin, American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)--either chewed or smoked--in poultices, infusions, and decoctions.
Visser's initial order included: Ginseng Rush, Ginseng Rush XXX, e-water and the Ginseng Rush American Ginseng Capsules and Extract.
What's in it: A standardized extract of carbohydrates from the root of the American ginseng plant.
Ginseng is consumed by hundreds of millions in Asia daily and commands a hefty price, but despite its high selling price, the future of American ginseng is uncertain--threatened by environmental problems.
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