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Wings for the double decker jet, which has a wingspan almost the length of an American football field, are made at Broughton, Flintshire.
Each blade is 148 feet long, nearly the width of an American football field and weighs approximately 12 tons.
The scene is an American football field on a cold and wet winter's night.
The carriers typically sell for as much as $200 million apiece and the largest can measure about 345 meters (1,130 feet) in length, or almost four American football fields.
The VIP delegation toured the massive 645,000 square metres airshow site, which includes a single 42,870 square metres exhibition hall - about the size of seven American football fields - and a third bigger than the three halls in the show's previous Dubai Airport Expo home.
of paper, enough to cover two regulationsize American football fields without the end zones
under a roof the size of three American football fields.
22 - Number of American football fields that, laid end-to-end, would equal the main 8,000-foot long runway at the Eugene Airport.
Stride along the strip to visit the world's most extravagant casinos where 24-hour gaming floors are four times the size of American football fields.
HEAD is committed to saving over 7,000 acres/28 km2 (per year) of mature rainforest from destruction -- which equals the size of more than 100,000 tennis courts or 7,000 American football fields.
Last month F&E Aerospace hosted the press at the new venue in Dubai World Central to showcase the new location that includes an exhibitor space the size of seven American football fields.
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