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Lincoln Financial Field Known to locals simply as "The Linc", the 69,176 capacity stadium has been home to the Philadelpia Eagles American football team since 2003.
Players and officials line up for the regional women's American football trials at Stockton Riverside College Sports Centre
It's great that they have made a commitment to not just supporting me in achieving my dream of becoming an athlete for Great Britain, but to also raising the profile of the women's GB American football team.
In a country that knows almost no sport but football, young Egyptian men are getting more and more interested in Gridiron football, or as it is more commonly known, American football.
Beard is also known in the USA through fact-finding visits he has made to American Football outfits, where he has studied training methods.
For more information, visit the Emirates American Football League website at www.
And despite the Limerick controversy, playing American football games at Croke Park is something that the GAA remains open to in the future.
Ben Roethlisberger plays for which NFL American football team?
WEIGHTLIFTING DARIUS JOKARJOK ZADEH looks set to switch his focus from weightlifting to American football after missing out on a medal for Wales - but still believes he can be an Olympic champion one day.
Summary: When the American University of Beirut created the country's first collegiate-level American football team in 2012, they anticipated having a coach, team members and uniforms.
This year's Ramadan activities brought an American football delegation to Aspire Zone in order to promote the sport in Qatar.
Indeed, American football is probably as far removed from our national game as the distance cleared by Paul orburn's legendary penalty kick against Scotland in the 1986 Five Nations.
Bud Adams, founder member of the American Football League and the owner of Houston Oilers and their successors Tennessee Titans, died at his home in Houston on Monday.
American football superstar Joe Theismann is constantly demanding I buy his super beta prostate pills.
WE'VE read and heard so much about Philippine-born American football superstar Tim Tebow, probably the most evangelical and among the more philanthropic of the world's athletes.
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