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the national flag of the United States of America

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In addition to the HD American flag, GalleryPlayer is also making available at no cost, a collection of four inspirational American iconic images including: the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Jefferson Memorial.
Through the campaign, we have collected nearly half a million pledges from shoppers promising to fly the American flag this Flag Day.
The issue here is not the American flag, but with the flag pole itself.
The exclusive American flag edition of the Aurora ALX showcases a high-quality finish of the red, white, and blue draping the outer case of the system in a vivid, patriotic design.
The American flag tops the list as the most important patriotic symbol for most (78%) surveyed, followed by the Statue of Liberty (11%), the bald eagle (8%) and the presidential seal (2%).
A large double heart, which lit up for Valentine's Day, will soon be replaced by a 15-feet-by-30-feet American flag that will go up in May and ``fly'' through September.
Flag Alert, an email alert service designed to make it easier for owners of the American flag to properly display their flag, particularly during times of state-wide and national mourning.
Aircraft 782 was repainted with the American flag for the air show to resurrect a piece of its history for its retirement, Fernandez said.
HB 1009 - An act relating to Prohibited Landlord Practices/Flags - This legislation gives tenants the right to display the American Flag regardless of rental agreement provisions.
Anatola Street Elementary School student Maria Fernanda gives Jose Luis Lugo and wife Adrianna, visitors from Taxco, Mexico, two small American flags during their visit.
Atop each nano-White House is an American flag that measures 19x10 micrometers.
After wrapping a giant American flag around his 10-year-old son Nico, Lima embraced his wife, Lisa, who waited patiently to kiss and hold her husband once again.
Net today released a web page that explains how all Americans can get an American flag that has flown over the Capitol at www.
If flag burning is outlawed, what is to stop the amendment from banning American flag lapel pins or other ``misuses'' of our national symbol?
This important artifact -- named the "South Tower Flag" to differentiate it from the only other remaining American flag found at Ground Zero -- was incorporated into The Flag Center exhibit last month, along with the story and photographs behind its dramatic recovery by an Ohio volunteer firefighter.
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