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common elder of central and eastern North America bearing purple-black berries

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"One lady came in and said she was covered in jewellery when she regressed and was so happy as she believed she was a princess - it turned out that she was actually a man in a previous life!" One case that sticks out for Sue is when a woman found out she was a Native American elder in a former life.
29 ( ANI ): A native American elder who ceremonially adopted President Barack Obama into the 'Crow nation' has died, aged 78.
4 Which American elder statesman suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer?
Native American Elder, Wovoka, opened the drumming event by describing the Ceremony for the Future of the World's Children.
Their upcoming projects include a documentary on Smiley, a lesbian Native American elder, and a film celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Women's Peace Camp Movement.
The section held an educational conference that took place at the Hotel Citadines Saint Germain de Pres, in Paris, France in March which gave French and American elder law attorneys an opportunity to compare and contrast the two legal system relating to elder law, guardianship, health care and aging issues.
Examples might include a Japanese American elder who remembers the end of World War II, an African American elder who remembers specific forms of discrimination, a Mexican American elder who articulates memories of his or her marriage and family life, or a Cuban American elder who remembers the journey from Cuba to the United States.
A rare exception is the case where a White former employer gave gifts of food (usually groceries) to an African American elder. Because food sharing takes place within social networks, its content and frequency are limited by the nature of the network.
Leading this extraordinary event was Native American Elder, Terry Nagel, whose Native American name is Eagle Woman.
In one poignant scene, Harden describes an 86-year-old Native American elder, irate about being consigned to eating salmon from a can.
Her initial tweet, which was shared on Sunday, appeared to reference the confrontations that erupted around a Kentucky teenager and a Native American elder at overlapping marches at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington over the weekend, a flashpoint that had been mischaracterized in the media and on social media.
When a Native American elder intervened, singing and playing a prayer song, he found himself face to face with that dark-haired teen, whose frozen smile struck some as nervousness and others as arrogance.
The Latino Elder Group, the Southeast Asian Group, the African American Elder Chorus, the Senior Center Chorus and talent show winner Pauline Gaudet all performed traditional numbers.
Plant choices such as cotoneaster and American elder emphasize suitability as bird food, habitat, or nesting sites.
"Native American Elder Mistreatment: A Community Concern." PhD diss., University of Iowa, 2003.
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