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the basic unit of money in the United States

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In this manner too, we can save our hard-earned American dollars.
The foreign exchange market of Tajikistan is facing shortage of the American dollars over the past years, local media reported.
A WOMAN has tried to exchange fraudulent American dollars at exchange bureaus around Teesside.
The 69-year-old said the burglars stole 55,000 in euro notes, 6,000 in American dollars, plus 20,000 euros worth of collectible Cypriot coins and a number of expried bank cards belonging to her son.
He does not want to deal in Philippine currency, he only accepts American dollars," Merdegia said.
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani has suspended Sub Inspector and constable of Yaka Toot police station for extortion of 20 thousands American Dollars from a citizen and ordered further departmental inquiry against them.
"Each of intruders had 15 meters of rope, masks, maps, compasses, Chinese yuans, American dollars, white sheets for winding bodies for burial.
In its monthly report on the bonds market, Kuwait Finance House stated that no exports were made in American dollars, pointing out that sovereign agencies issued the highest rates of bonds, with private companies placing second.
The grants are termed "respectable life grants." According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the head of the department of statistics in the PA's Prisoners Ministry, Abd-el Nasser Farwana, said that the grants would total "15 million American dollars."
Note: Prices for IME local trading floors are registered in Iranian local currency which is Iranian Rials (IRR) and for export trading floor of IME are in American Dollars (USD) but the prices are usually quoted in both currencies considering local and international readers and users.
Most WCRC membership fees and donations are made in Euros or American dollars, which have dropped in value in the past several years compared to the Swiss franc.
It revealed the US government's efforts to execute large-scale energy sector projects in Afghanistan had frequently resulted in cost and schedule over-runs, contractor default, questionable or undefined sustainment methods and wasted American dollars.
The new centre which could host about forty youths, cost 455,000 American dollars, the equivalent of 700,000 Tunisian dinars.
BOGOTA -- A massive influx of American dollars has produced a super-sized Colombian peso.
Saleh remarks came in a statement issued on Wednesday in which he considered that the budget of 30 million American Dollars allocated to the Lebanese Army is not enough and it contradicts all statements and mottos that called for strengthening and equipping the Army to face local strives and Israeli aggressions.
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