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the basic unit of money in the United States

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Police recovered 70 tola gold, foreign currency including American dollars, cash and vehicles as well as weapons used by them in dacoity incidents.
A tipster managed to get the antinarcotics operatives through to Hernandez, promising that the suspect will be paid in American dollars.
As per details a citizen of Peshawar, who has recently come to Pakistan from abroad has submitted an application to the IGP KPK in which he had complained of depriving him of 20 thousands American dollars by Yaka Toot police with the connivance of a taxi driver.
It stated that 47 bonds were issued in September compared to 55 in August, with Dubai Islamic bonds achieving the highest performance of sovereign bonds issued in American dollars during the third quarter of 2013.
It is so frustrating that we are spending billions of American dollars for Afghan roads and bridges and energy projects that Afghans cannot sustain, and may, in fact, be hurting our military mission," said McCaskill, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight.
The new centre which could host about forty youths, cost 455,000 American dollars, the equivalent of 700,000 Tunisian dinars.
BOGOTA -- A massive influx of American dollars has produced a super-sized Colombian peso.
Saleh remarks came in a statement issued on Wednesday in which he considered that the budget of 30 million American Dollars allocated to the Lebanese Army is not enough and it contradicts all statements and mottos that called for strengthening and equipping the Army to face local strives and Israeli aggressions.
Volunteers for these organizations pour in from across America, and generous American dollars allow the missionary groups to provide food, blankets, clothing, medical care, diapers, drinking water, and even water-purification units to provide tens of thousands of gallons of drinking water daily.
forces have received intelligence information that around four million American dollars in counterfeit bills have entered to Missan province to affect the upcoming parliamentary election in Iraq on March 7, 2010.
He added: "The guy who gave it to me had just come back from Zimbabwe, where they are using American dollars.
Of the 10 most expensive paintings, none is from an American painter but all are sold in American dollars and most of them in New York.
Ramalinga Raju, who admitted to over-inflating the value of the company's cash and bank balances by more than one billion American dollars hurt its reputation and bottom line.
Company chairman Ratan Tata unveiled a so-called Europa version of the tiny Nano at the Geneva Motor Show, which will go on sale in India costing just 2,000 American dollars (less than pounds 1,500) from next month.
Thirty-three-year-old Paul, of Maes-y-Dre, Abergele, said: "It's got clocks on it and American dollars and the word 'Nan' at the top.
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