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the basic unit of money in the United States

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Sterling fell to its lowest level since 1985 against the dollar, as City dealers sold the pound and bought the American dollar and the euro.
location is "the heavyweight champion of North American skiing," with a "sophisticated alpine-village night life" and the benefit of the Canadian exchange rate, which "turbo-boosts the American dollar," Ski Magazine noted.
today announced that, because of the strength of the American dollar in Europe, they plan to increase their investment in European business activities.
today announces that, because of the strength of the American dollar in Europe, they plan to increase their investment in European business activities.
In the past week Taiwan has been swept by rumors of war, witnessed runs on the American dollar, the hoarding of some food supplies and a blizzard of pronouncements from the three candidates running for president.
Launched in July, 1992, The Latin American Dollar Income Fund Inc.
402 versus the greenback yesterday, as further weakness from the American dollar pushed the pound beyond the psychologicallyimportant milestone.
Summary: New Delhi [India], December 19 (ANI): Islamabad is likely to replace the American dollar with the Chinese Yuan for bilateral trade between the two sides after Pakistan's Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said the government was considering a proposal in this regard.
Islamabad -- The devaluation of Pakistani rupee against American dollar has been continued and the exchange rate crossed 112 figure against the dollar despite the claims by State Bank of Pakistan to take necessary measures in this regards.
Along with its existing American dollar and Euro offerings, Payoneer provides UK-based customers with local receiving accounts in key trading markets to accept payments in those countries and currencies.
June 6, 2017 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese pound Tuesday slightly fell against the American dollar in the black market flowing the diplomatic rift between several Gulf countries and Qatar which they accused of supporting terrorist groups.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) had liberated the Egyptian pound exchange rate early November, scoring EGP 13 against the American dollar during the first day of liberation rather than EGP 8.
The central banks of Zimbabwe and China are still negotiating a deal to settle payments using the Chinese yuan as an alternative to the American dollar.
Currency market analysts said they anticipated the economic events would elevate the American dollar over other regional currencies.
In the global market, oil prices went down yesterday with American crude reaching under USD 50 pb due to the increase in US oil reserves and the price of the American dollar.
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