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Synonyms for diner

Synonyms for diner

a person eating a meal (especially in a restaurant)

a passenger car where food is served in transit

a restaurant that resembles a dining car

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That's the slang used by staff in American diners for buttered toast, cereal or liver and onions.
Serving similar cuisine in a more American Diner ambiance colourful interior and music ranging from Rock 'n Roll, R&B, hip hop to current hits is Fatburger.
If the diner remained when construction began, he said it would be donated to the American Diner Museum in Providence, which is known to rescue vintage diners.
Ted's American Diner, a restaurant of pure indulgence in the depth of flavour and herbs that this culinary tradition is known for.
As well as the American diner, bedrooms, lounges, games rooms and family rooms have all been spruced up to a high specification, with giant wall murals and bright, multi-coloured furniture.
The American diner chain sparked excitement on social media after posting a photo of their next possible location (right).
HAVING enjoyed a number of great 'diner' experiences in the United States, I was keen to let my children have some fun at the Fenwick American Diner in Newcastle recently.
020615ROOM_04 Hayley Pells in her 1950s American Diner which she has created at her garage, Avia Motors in Bridgend <B
Dear Nadia, I know you're on holiday in the States at the moment so I'm wondering if you can help me with a recipe for one of my favourite American diner staples - the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
From International Burger Day on Saturday May 28, through to June 7, the homegrown American diner will offer a selection comprising the Smokey Mountain Burger, the Empire State Burger, the Big Texas Chili Burger, and a platter of three mini-versions of P&B's best selling burgers.
PS104.99, ligo.co.uk 1950S AMERICAN DINER PHONE: Enjoy a touch of nostalgia with this 1950s American diner retro style phone.
Klein and Reid's inspiration comes from such far-flung sources as American diner china, antique Asian celadons, and Dutch tulipieres, which inspired their crushingly elegant series of rose bowls and tulip vases.
Reminiscent of the classic American diner, the Cup O0' Joe Cookie Jar is a large white-and-blue cup and saucer lidded with a swirl of coffee and a graceful steam curl.
The diner is expected to have a counter and booth style seating in American diner fashion.
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