American cranberry

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trailing red-fruited plant

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Numerous studies published during the past decade have shown the beneficial health properties of cranberry phytochemicals and contributed to the growing interest in the North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon).
The medicinal properties of the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) have been recognised for centuries.
But the anthocyanins found in the American cranberry are bound mainly to other, less-absorbable sugars, namely galactose and arabinose.
The last commercial cranberry crop on Long Island was harvested in 1975, but you can still find the native American cranberry growing naturally and in the remnants of commercial cranberry bogs.
Holding a traditional place at the holiday table since the Mayflower hit shore, the native American cranberry has come a long way since the first Thanksgiving.
A 10ft Mr Tayto will overlook the Tayto Garden - Potato to Packet, which will also include the largest water feature ever to appear at Bloom, the ''Wellbeing Wetlands'' which will represent a typical North American cranberry farm and much more.
The Native Americans were the first to recognize the wide-ranging health benefits of the North American cranberry. They used the berry to treat urinary disorders, care for wounds, fever and stomach complaints.(1) Studies have shown that Native Americans were correct in their belief in the healing powers of the cranberry.
A team of scientists aims to standardize and validate the quantification of PACs found in products made from the North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon).
Because cranberry juice of high quality had not been commercially available in Germany, it had to be self-produced from imported American cranberry juice concentrate.
Investigators found an attractive cranberry species from Alaska that is genetically similar enough to the American cranberry to produce fertile progeny.
As awareness grows of the substantial health benefits to be reaped from the North American cranberry's nutraceutical properties, the company displayed its extensive range of cranberry ingredients and their application in functional food and beverage products.
Vaccinum macrocarpon, or American cranberry, is truly an American plant--it is native only to North America.
The Vaccinium macrocarpon, or North American cranberry, is well known for its positive effects on the urinary tract.
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