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common copper butterfly of central and eastern North America

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Also included at the American Copper Buildings is a high-end kitchen appliance package by German design firm Miele.
But South American copper miner Antofagasta also impressed the City with forecast-beating results and was rewarded with a gain of 22p to 592p.
But he, too, sounded a note of caution, adding that conditions were improved, "pure and simply because of the hiccup in the Asian intake" of North American copper scrap.
Its objectives are fourfold: first, to present a brief narrative on Irish copper mining and the role of Irish copper miners in the development of the two primary nineteenth-century American copper ranges, Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula and Butte, Montana; second, to offer a more precise method of determining surname frequency in Ireland; third, to apply this refined method to the Beara Peninsula and the two other major Irish copper-mining districts, Knockmahon and Avoca; and, finally, to correlate the surname frequency of the three primary Irish copper-mining districts to the surname frequency of both Butte and the Keweenaw Peninsula.
At that date, the American copper industry began a period of long-term decline, and to document that decline through 1990, Hyde's work switches from its regional focus to an international/global one.
Mangum, Capital and Labor in American Copper, 1845-1990: Linkages Between Product and Labor Markets (Cambridge 1992), 108.
During the 1920s, North American copper producers in Chile confronted a crisis.
They are complemented by copper-red, black-spotted little butterflies called coppers (the American copper may be the United States's most common butterfly).
copper industry, are uniquely qualified to present an account of capital and labor in American copper.
The use of low-priced natural gas to generate the large amounts of electricity needed for electrolytic conversion is the key economic factor in a proposal for a joint venture between the Trinidad and Tobago Government and Italco Spa of Italy; they decided in 1990 to look into the feasibility of building an electrolytic grade copper plant at Point Lisas using North American copper scrap as feedstock.
In the fall, American Copper and Nickel Company and Homestake Mining Company held the grand opening for the joint venture Mineral Hill Mine.
The concept for such a book of essays grew out of two 1982 symposia at the 44th International Congress of Americanists in Manchester, headed by the volume editors, William Culver, who has long had an interest in the Latin American copper industry, beaded the section on politics and mining, whereas Thomas Greaves organized the section concerned ,with comparative behavioral science approaches.
3%, the highest amongst rated peers in Fitch's Latin American copper mining sector, and second after Vale (IDR: 'BBB+'; Stable Outlook) when including the entire mining sector.
The American Copper Buildings, the 48-story dual luxury rental towers in Midtown East encompass 900,000 s/f total, are a sleek, modern addition to the East Side skyline, connecting in the middle in a style that JDS and architect SHoP describe as "dancing" with each other.
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