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a coot found in North America

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PC2001 generally had higher percent composition of American Coot, Bufflehead, Canada Goose, Gadwall, Lesser Scaup, and Ring-Necked Duck.
In corroboration with our results, Colwell and Taft [9] found that Gadwall and American Coot tended to occur at higher densities in deep wetlands.
In addition, a substantial decrease in nesting by Common Moorhens and American Coots was noted during the 1990's.
The feeding ecology of American coots has also been studied by Texas A&M University and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL).
In American coots (Fuliea americana), lice were found as vectors.
Subadult fourth-stage worms were present 20 days after infection in the tibiotarsal joints of the host in an experimental infection of American coots with P fulicaeatrae.
The results are consistent with previous findings from other groups, which showed that House sparrows, American coots and Common starlings lay eggs with more testosterone when they breed in dense colonies than when they nest in isolation.
Instead, it was more than a hundred splashing American coots, having been enjoying the quiet until being surprised by my brother-in-law, Glenn, up ahead.
American coots (Fulica americana) wage covert egg wars among themselves, sneaking into a neighboring nest to deposit an egg for the other family to raise, explains Bruce E.
Laughing gulls (Larus atricill, n=82) and American coots (Fulica americana, n=62) were the most commonly encountered birds.
Washington, Nov 1 (ANI): In American coots egg size matters when it comes to survival of the offspring, says a new study.
Splashes of water mark the steps of American coots as they skim the surface of Munsel Lake.
Although common sense dictates that helpless newborn chicks should bear feathers that blend with their environment, young American coots instead dress up in bright orange and red for their first few weeks of life.
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