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the constitution written at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and subsequently ratified by the original thirteen states

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Elizabeth Beaumont's The Civic Constitution and John Finn's Peopling the Constitution, coincidentally but happily coming out at the same time, speak to the central importance of citizens in creating and maintaining the American Constitution.
Experts insist that these decisions violate the very essence of the American constitution, the federal laws and the states' laws.
The start of the Turkish Constitution has famous words that, like "We the people" in the American Constitution, set out the nature of the contract between the government and the nation:
The protected status of socially and rights-based boycotts and divestment actions is a fundamental right of political activism under the American constitution.
The announcement said, "To remember whose who were murdered by radical Islam and to send Islam a very clear warning that they will not get their foothold in the American Constitution as they have done in Europe, we will be holding an International Burning.
It caused one United States President, John Adams (1735-1826) to say, at the time of formulating the American Constitution, and I quote: "I only contend that the English Constitution is, in theory, the most stupendous fabric of human invention both for the adjustment of balance and the prevention of its vibrations; and that the Americans ought to be applauded instead of censured, for imitating it as far as they have.
He told the show: "We're in a country, in America, where there are 300 million guns in circulation and although I understand that the American constitution empowers Americans to believe they are entitled to have a handgun or a pistol to defend themselves at home, what it doesn't do is entitle deranged young people to get easy access to these killing machines, and that's what the assault ri-fles are.
Moreover, the American Constitution treats habeas corpus in the context of a suspension clause.
Freedom of expression and the freedom of individuals to bear arms are enshrined in the American constitution.
But the right to bear arms is one of the most controversial parts of the American constitution.
The email said so despite an Amendment in the American constitution that limits any one person to two presidential terms.
It adds up to around 10,000 killed and 10 times as many injured on account of the blessed Second Amendment to the American Constitution - the right of its citizens to bear arms.
When the Americans gained their independence from Britain they agreed amongst themselves on a system of government which they wrote in 1787 as the American constitution.
The Yardley MP was special guest of the Freedom Association pressure group at a debate on whether Britain needs rights similar to those contained in the First Amendment to the American Constitution.
1787: The first signatures were put on the American Constitution.
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