American cheese

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hard smooth-textured cheese

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'The Cheddar menu is packed with texture and flavour, featuring our savory veal bacon and housemade cheddar and American cheese sauce, which gives an added kick whether it's on our classic burger, crispy chicken, all-beef hot dog, or crinkle-cut fries.
In deli service, comfort foods such as American cheese remain a strong cornerstone of the case.
Ovoline size was Gold Medal winner for best Mozzarella in 2016 by the American Cheese Society.
The Classic: This item includes "American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and the brand's new signature Steakburger sauce."
That amount of sodium can be found in one cup of chicken noodle soup or three-fourths of a slice of American cheese.
The Hammer Head has roast beef, ham, turkey, provolone and American cheese, and gravy.
It comes with strips of halal turkey bacon, melted American cheese and various veg served with barbecue sauce on a brioche bun.
There's nothing like "chopped beef steak, American cheese & hot pepper berry bacon jam on a cake donut," all oozy after 2 minutes in the microwave.
It has won the American Cheese Society's Best in Show award three times.
Roelli Cheese Co., based in Shullsburg, Wis., took top honors at the 2016 American Cheese Society (ACS) Competition in Des Moines, Iowa, which was held in late July.
Top one slice with warm pulled pork, caramelised onions, American cheese and Gruyere.
Ingredients 1tsp olive oil 4 long green chillies sliced 4 x 180g hamburgers 4 buns, halved 1/4 iceberg lettuce, finely shredded 8 slices of American cheese, the same size as the hamburgers 4 gherkins quartered lengthways into spears For the Chipotle Mayo: 90g chipotle in adobo sauce (many larger supermarkets will have a version of this) 170g mayonnaise 40g tomato ketchup Method 1.
The sandwich features slices of American cheese between a buttered and grilled sriracha-infused bun.
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