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South American cedar, Brazilian cedar, British Guiana cedar, Peruvian cedar, Nicaraguan cedar, Mexican cedar, Honduras cedar, Tabasco cedar, cigar box cedar, cedro, cedro batata, cedro rosa, cedro vermelho, acajou rouge, cedre rouge and cedar.
South American cedar is not a true cedar, which is a softwood.
at Hot Springs sparked the beginning of Julian McKinney's cedar products business, American Cedar Inc.
The 100 percent North American Cedar and Redwood structure was an important selling point due to President Obama drive to promote green energy.
Burke (1928) stated that the wood's origin was never accurately determined, but must be from an unknown North American cedar species (Pinales: Cupressaceae), because all other known collections of T.
Exporting Profits Aren't Just For The Big Boys; Ask American Cedar Of Hot Springs And IQ International Of Little Rock
American Cedar employs 60 people with seasonal employment levels reaching as high as 80.
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